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Mystery Ranch x Dior Collaboration


This is not a drill! Announcing DIOR X MYSTERY RANCH

Combining the formal with the informal, the practical with the purely aesthetic, and the outdoor culture with the demands of luxury, the creative exchange born of this unique collaboration gives life to the bags inspired by Monsieur Dior’s love of nature.

What many would think of as an unlikely collab, we see it differently.

“This collaboration is a testament to two companies that care deeply about their crafts and the communities they serve. Working with companies like Dior is the ultimate recognition that we are doing what we set out to do: To design and build great packs and bags specific to the mission. The Dior collection is a thing of beauty. Mission accomplished.”

– Dana Gleason

The Dior x MYSTERY RANCH collection features the Gallagator backpack with our signature 3-zip design, Saddle Bag, Belt Pouch (also a 3-ZIP design), Wallet, and Tactical Belt, in two colorways, featuring a CORDURA® re/cor™ fabric that is entirely recycled, resistant and durable, and embroidered with a leather crest intermingling the seal of the two Houses.

38 Responses to “Mystery Ranch x Dior Collaboration”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    I saw this announcement on IG, and let’s just say the comments were unkind.

    • Redbeard says:

      We should all be more concerned what Instagram users think about our endeavors.

      • Sasquatch says:

        99 out of 100 times, I would wholeheartedly agree with your statement. But when those comments are from followers and consumers that are your target audience, some concern might be warranted.

        • Alpha2 says:

          Agree with Sasquatch. It’s about knowing your market. People shopping for Dior are not cross shopping with MR and vice versa. As a company, I’d think it’d be in your best interest not to potentially alienate your customer base. MR can do as they please but this is an odd collaboration at best.

          • SSD says:

            This makes me laugh so hard. “How dare MR make products and sell them!” The 2020’s equivalent of “get off of my lawn!”

            • Sasquatch says:

              I wasn’t trying to say that. I’m sure these will sell gangbusters, and I’m happy for them. I just commented that they seem to be alienating a portion of their base in doing so.

              With that said, people/consumers are fickle. And people that swear off MR over this will sheepishly come back when they release something that appeals to them.

              • Bob says:

                Alienating – they are not cutting the rest of their products to focus on Dior are they…no they are offering these in addition to their existing products. If that makes people feel alienated then those people need their head read. If it was Balenciaga I’d take your point, but I dont think Dior have been promoting the PDF-FIle lifestyle.

  2. SteveB says:

    Balaenciaga, Gucci, Prada…..

  3. roy says:

    This announcement is premature. Obviously, it was supposed to run April 1.

  4. Cheese says:

    “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this!” – Lloyd Christmas

  5. Philip says:

    Fashion rarely cares about function or practicality…This just looks like a way to pay excessive prices for degraded performance.

  6. rob c says:

    I forgot which video I watched where MR switched ownership and they basically decided to flood their product line up with a million models.

    And more targeted towards the mainstream consumer than what it was originally about

    I don’t like it

    • SSD says:

      MR has not switched ownership. That’s absolute bullshit. Go find the video and tell whomever created it what I just said.

  7. Iggy says:

    MRs market always has been 90% bling vs 10% serious use, whether the fashionistas have been tacticool, campus commandos or Dior types.

    • SSD says:

      This is one of the dumbest comments ever posted on SSD. If anything, the complaint has always been that MR eschews fashion over function.

      • Marcus says:

        I bet if you asked people on this site to send in pictures of their MR packs that have some mileage on them, a few pictures would be worth a thousand words.

        • Adam says:

          Own a 3-day assault, wolf alpha (both issued), and terraframe 65 (personal).
          This is genuinely cool. High fashion approaching a high performance pack maker is a win for both brands. Dior demonstrates it values performance and Mystery Ranch further cements its legitimacy.

      • Iggy says:

        I bet if you look at MR sales that the vast majority are to civilians, students, weekend hikers and airsoft kids. Issue and unit purchase is another thing, but as a bling brand its the bulk of their market and Dior was always going to happen.

        • Ex Coelis says:

          I would bet that your bet would lose.. For future reference: try to engage your brain COMPLETELY in a logical thought-process before putting fingers to keyboard.

    • .308 says:

      Spoken by someone who has no clue!

      I’m sure you only conceal carry a full frame H&K .45 Tard.

  8. Marcus says:

    It’s not like I’m going to be dragging this across the Hindu Kush. I honestly don’t get all the complaints. It’s like a bunch of teenage mean girls.

    MR has been there for years getting it done. Good for them.

  9. H says:

    This collaboration seems to be far-fetched, but doesn’t necessarily warrant hatred. Definitely out of what we are used to (a.k.a. comfort zone), and such projects may provide some unexpected results. With all the ‘influencer’ thing, this might be a way to expand the MR brand familiarity through Dior. An influencer wants to go out and take photos? Use Dior product like this to show they are ‘different’ or ‘special’. As long as MR doesn’t forget its root and mess up the product line, not a big problem.

  10. Nicco says:

    I’m really kind of surprised about the response to this.

    MR makes good and well respected packs. That also happen to have a very distinctive and unique look. I’m not super familiar with Dior beyond knowing that it’s a luxury fashion house, but I understand why they would be interested in a collaboration. That three zipper look is quite visually striking.

    Would I buy this collaboration? No. I don’t have a need for it and it’s not absolutely not style. I also probably couldn’t begin to afford it. But I’m sure there’s many loyal Dior customers (and plenty of Mystery Ranch ones) who would be enticed. Just because you don’t need or like a certain product doesn’t mean it’s bad or hurts the brand. There’s plenty of regular MR I have no interest in, that doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t sell it. We all have different needs and tastes. It’s not like this collaboration changes anything with the regular MR stuff.

  11. Adam says:

    Did we all forget that businesses exist to make money? Each of my MR packs is a brilliant piece of kit.

    That a top fashion brand approached them for collab is a testament to their reputation in the field. Bunch of freakin’ babies.

  12. Frier Duck says:

    My concern is they will go the way of Arc’teryx. “Oh we make killer gear for the outdoor and mil market”, “let’s start selling designer shit and by the way, you dirty civilians can’t buy our LEAF gear anymore.”

    • SSD says:

      You actually believe that?

    • rob c says:

      The reason why “civilians” can’t buy LEAF gear anymore is because guys were coming in and BULK buying LEAF items to grey market/resell.

      Leaving NO stock for the people it’s actually meant for, nothing like walking into a retailer and seeing no stock, and no eta on stock.

      So thank those people for the new restrictions

      Beyond that I personally couldn’t care less who buys this stuff

      • Frier Duck says:

        I know this is tangential to the article but that’s garbage. If dudes were bulk buying and reselling, then change the policy to large orders can only be done with a letterhead. Don’t create a blanket policy prohibiting sales to civilians completely.
        That blanket policy has me contemplating writing off Arcteryx completely and all other Amersport subsidiaries. What’s next? Is salomon going to stop selling their Forces line to civilians too?

  13. Marshall says:

    People are mad as hell about this, but seriously none of these look terrible and they will sell the absolute shit out of them. Good on mystery ranch for not putting themselves in a corner, or trying to please angry men on the internet. Not one of these bags looks terrible or over the top crazy……my ONLY problem with this at all, is that these bags start at $2,350……they are not made of anything special but that DIOR logo do be adding a 1000% hike up now days and being honest here, I’m only mad because I can’t afford it.

  14. Ray Forest says:

    Both brands are certainly free to do as their profit margins allow. I could care less. It’s not like Safariland spending time on flower holsters while trying to kill the 6000 and tell us the 7000 is better lol. We’ve certainly seen much worse collaborations and marketing ideas. My only concern about this is how sweaty is the back going to be? I hope there is a different material there. When I look at this, all I can think about is that picture of The Rock in high school wearing the jeans and black turtleneck pullover with the black leather fanny pack and gold chain. This would have been the perfect match for carrying his textbooks.

  15. fmr-slice says:

    Gimme a break all you douchebag, non-opping, whiny mfers out there. This is a badass backpack built for the fashion folks so MR can make money, give the designers an asymmetric workout and in no way impacts your the ability for the 99% of you who do little-nothing out there in the way of operational (the boys downrange don’t have time to complain and are happy to have MR gear that doesn’t break down) to “rock” your bs tacticool appearance kit. You want to complain about something? Try focusing on all the chicom-made kit you all buy all the time, everything from food to clothing to toys to computers and those little smartphones, etc. Good job supporting the enemy.

  16. mark says:

    If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    I think its awesome.

  17. Jon H. says:

    Good for Mystery Ranch, and Dior. As a product designer in a totally different product category, I’d be surprised if each of the teams didn’t come away with learnings that could potentially benefit the rest of the product lines. I’d love to know what each of the teams learned from the collaboration.

  18. Collin says:

    Frankly, I’m not surprised by the outcry of the “tactical” world about this. They are quick to eat their own, and seem quicker to these days. While this is not my cup of tea personally, I have no problem with MR stretching their creative side and collaborating with another designer/brand. Who cares? It’s not like MR cancelled all their tactical/hunting/hiking/fire packs in favor of Dior packs. Some folks really do enjoy getting upset about nothing.

  19. Todd says:

    Congrats to MR. They make great quality products it’s cool to see high fashion pick up on their brand. This is a big deal and hopefully it will open up more of a market for them. I’ve had several bags for years and they still keep going!