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Be All You Can Be

The Army has launched a “new” PR campaign.

22 Responses to “Be All You Can Be”

  1. Andy Markcyst says:

    …desperation is a stinky perfume.

    I love how there’s a disturbingly high ratio of white men in this ad. That’s not very woke DOD!

  2. Oh billy says:

    No reference to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. WW1 & 2, that’s how we recruit. Haven’t won since. Good job ARMY.

    • Giovani says:

      You cheapen the sacrifices made when you speak to our conflicts in such a manner. Who’s side are you on?

      • Bob says:

        It’s such a misnomer to say the US hasn’t won a war since world war II. We stopped the Communists from achieving their objectives in Korea, we successfully won the Cold war, we defeated Iraq twice, and kept the insurgents from taking over Iraq. So I would put all those in the W column.

  3. Joe_K says:

    Imagine being ignorant enough to join the US Military in 2023.

    • Jeremy says:

      Probably the wrong crowd princess

    • Philip says:

      “Disgruntled shell of a man spews verbal diarrhea on the internet, more at 11.”

      Imagine thinking that the US military still isn’t the most lethal fighting force on the planet, even with the latest round of eye-rolling bureaucratic shenanigans.

  4. Ray Forest says:

    It takes about 10 minutes to story board a knockout army commercial. It doesn’t even matter what the slogan is. And yet they don’t do it. Make it cool make it badass.

  5. Alpha2 says:

    No cheesy resuscitation of “Be all you can be” that glosses over the failures in Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq is going to cure what ails the Army of today. Until they abandon the social causes du jour, cultural appeasement and the belief of inclusivity over uniformity and instruct and train young men and women to close in and destroy the enemy, the Army will continue to bumble its way into the next conflict that all too eager Washington politicians and defense industry lobbyists will push our Country into.

    • J says:

      It is not or ever the Army’s failures, it is the politicians failures. We as soldiers today or yesterday back in the years of Vietnam did not loose. That lose in Vietnam was because of our politicians and the policies they pushed that were bad just like in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Politicians and bad policies make a disaster.

      Our Army soldiers did what they were always told to do by the President at that time over what ever time period of conflict. The Army and the rest of the services soldiers are not a police and humanitarian force. That is were things went wrong when soldiers do police and humanitarian actions at the request of a political policy of a President and Congress. We make the same mistakes, such as Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places.

      We just can’t wave a magic wand and say WOKE be gone. It has been entrenched into our military services, since the mid-1990s. We just let it happen because of the wrong choices of electing politicians at the voting booths over the years. Your vote does matter and we see the consequences of those votes, since the 1990s.

  6. Wake27 says:

    Oh look, more of the same bullshit from guys on gun and gear forums/blogs talking about how woke the military is. Tell us again how out of touch you losers are.

    • Yea we just out of touch wanting things like standards, equality instead of equity, And not putting babies through unnecessary environmental stress. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-military/2023/03/01/baby-on-board-pregnant-air-force-b-1-pilot-soars-to-new-heights/

      • Wake27 says:

        I’m not sure what you’re arguing for in the equality vs equity piece but the people I’m talking about have made zero points about standards or anything else. They just come to drive-by post BS about everything being woke now. I left USASOC for TRADOC, I probably see some of the worst parts of it. There are problems, but the guys like those that made the first three posts are in fact, out of touch.

        Also the link is about parents making a choice. So what about it?

        • Equality = giving everyone an equal opportunity, Equity = trying to force “equal” outcomes, basically the opposite of meritocracy.

          Most people think pregnant women in any combat related military role should be reserved to end of days desperation, but you do you. It’s one thing to do as a super early pregnancy term and not make much fuss about it, and another to make articles about it claiming “soars to new heights”.

          Not everyone is a wordsmith, but the fact that there are any signs of wokeness in the military is always going to be concerning as that leads to the unqualified being put in positions of power and terrible choices in general leading to injury and death.

  7. harry says:

    I like the commercial. There’s always room for improvement but, it’s good.

  8. Spec9 says:

    I like the commercial. No commercial is perfect but, this one isn’t bad.

  9. Strike-Hold says:

    My 13 year old daughter clapped at the end and said that it almost made her want to enlist.

    So I guess it worked. 😉

  10. GBN says:

    Hi from Evil Empire. I’ll say it’s good video, compared to previous BS shown. Slogan is poor thouch.

  11. J says:

    It is the best slogan for the Army. The Army just need to say “Army green” somewhere in the ad to make it right.

    Be All You Can Be, Follow Me, Army Green.