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Helikon-Tex 2023 Preview

The Helikon-Tex booth at IWA was festooned with new gear. We’ve already shown you a few items, and here is the balance.

First up is the Guardian Plate Carrier System, a modular and scalable armor carrier system which Helikon-Tex tells me will be a flagship product going forward.

Guardian will include an assault pack option.

Next, we’ll go over the multiple mannequins which showcase new products.

On this Assaulter you’ll find:

-MCDU Combat Shirt

-MCDU Pants

-Mirage Carbine Sling

-Guardian Plate Carrier

Next is Law Enforcement equipped with Black versions of the same gear worn by the Assaulter.

-MCDU Combat Shirt

-MCDU Pants

-Mirage Combat Sling

-Guardian Plate Carrier

Prepared for a workout, this mannequin sports:

-Tactical T-shirt Topcool Lite

-Utility Light Shorts

-Guardian Plate Carrier

-Urban Training Bag

All set for a day on the range:

-Squall Hardshell Jacket

-MCDU Pants

-Rangemaster Gear Bag

-Competition Multigun Rig

-Mirage Carbine Sling

-Traveler Enlarged Lightweight Chair

Get ready for some undercover work:

-Greyman Jacket

-Greyman Shirt

-Greyman Jeans

-Urban Merino Beanie

-Rat Waistpack + Pistol Holder Insert

Take a walk in the wild side:

-Patriot Jacket Mk2

-Urban Tactical Pants

-EDC Backpack

-All Round Tactical Gloves

Here’s a lady on a hike:

-Marigold Women’s Shirt

-Women’s OTP Shorts 8.5″

-Possum Waist Pack

Hanging out down the pub:

-Reversible Wolfhound Hoodie

-Alpha Hoodie Jacket Grid Fleece

-Hybrid Outback Pants

-Summit Backpack

-Winter Merino Beanie

Here’s a closeup of that Mitchell Camo Wolfhound Hoodie.

Here’s a great outfit for a lady out and about in the spring and fall:

-Gunfighter Women’s Jacket

-Marigold Women’s Shirt

-Women’s UTP Resized

-Raccoon Mk2 Backpack

Here’s a great setup for spring and fall hiking:

-SAS Smock Jacket

-Woodsman Pants

-Bergen Pack

-Wanderer Cap

A closeup of the SAS Smock which is based on an early 50s anorak but with a full zip.

And finally, another women’s ensemble:

-Squall Women’s Hardshell

-Women’s Cumulus Jacket

-Women’s Outdoor Tactical Pants

-Raccoon Mk2 Backpack

These new products will roll out throughout 2023.

7 Responses to “Helikon-Tex 2023 Preview”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    That’s a hell of a lineup. Probably a dozen things that catch my eye. I hope we see most of this in the US. It always seems like we get a limited line here.

  2. Raul says:

    Brushstroke for the win!

  3. Brian says:

    That SAS smock and reversible wolfhound hoodie are SICK! I hope we see them in the US.

  4. Adil says:

    Leave it to the Europeans to have a very stylish setup! I love American products but damn guys you need to do better

  5. hanza says:

    When can we expect the SAS Smock Jacket to be avalilable?