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No More Ranger Tab Orders

According to the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade:

Effectively immediately, Ranger School graduates will no longer receive hard copy Ranger Tab orders. The Soldier’s ATRRS output will reflect G-GRADUATE, SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED CLASS for the course. The completion of the course in ATRRS will then feed IPPS-A, updating the Soldier’s SQI (Special Qualification Identifier) in the career management skills section.

All graduates will still receive a Ranger Course diploma on graduation day.

8 Responses to “No More Ranger Tab Orders”

  1. Bob says:

    I was just going through an old box that had orders from 20 years ago in it. I don’t see digital products having that kind of longevity.

    • JayDubya56 says:

      You’re not wrong. I’ve had multiple documents drop out of the old iperms system. I was only saved bc I had hard copies to upload. If anyone reading this doesn’t have an “I love me book,” I highly encourage you to make one. IPPS-A isn’t inspiring any confidence either…

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Good, less fraud, which used to be a minor issue with choice individuals who usually got caught.

    • john says:

      it actually will make it easier for fraud as the new IPPSA system is complete shit with missing items and cluster fudges everywhere. It will be much easier in the short term for people to say “hey since im not getting a hard copy anymore that the ippsa system fudged up.”

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Ah, the old:

    The system that hilariously requires you to prove you did something after they sent you now will not give you things to prove you did that something.

    “The files are in the computer?”

  4. Marc Tobey says:

    In 1989 when I ETS – I had to go dig up my Ranger School orders because the information wasn’t in my file..

  5. mauser6863 says:

    Ranger School needs to be used to 100% train officers and enlisted men only. The way they use this as a “Ticket Punch” for career advancement is a waste of money and resources. Same goes for jump school. I’m tired of seeing all these generals with as many metals and badges as a North Korean General. The entire US Military needs less general officers and less commands. The Navy has more Admirals than ships!!!

    • Joey Johnson says:

      I got a bunch of skill badges due to being a rigger with special operational teams. You do them a solid or three and get to know them. Next thing you know they are calling you asking you to go to MFF or Dive school or air assault. Then when you deploy with them and have a secondary mod of 13F they grow to wanting to having you on their missions.