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Warrior West 23 – DWE-SPO Assault Respirator

The Assault Respirator from the Special Projects Operations division of DWE Plastics was designed beaded upon a SOF requirement to provide ocular and respiratory protection against Riot Control (CS/CN/OC) and biological agents, radiological particulate matter, and select toxic industrial chemicals and materials.

It can quickly be donned, even while wearing a helmet and provides eight hours of protection. Additionally, it will connect with comms and hydrations systems through ports at the front.

Currently, it is a one-time use mask. However, further development includes the integration of swappable filters. They are also working to offer a black version of the mask along with small, medium, large and x-large sizing.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior West by contacting ADS, Inc.

5 Responses to “Warrior West 23 – DWE-SPO Assault Respirator”

  1. Paul says:

    “Assault Respirator” sounds like a good way to triple the price of a gas mask.

    • Yawnz says:

      It isn’t really a gas mask though, hence the term “respirator”. Can it protect against certain gases? Sure, so can a cloth handkerchief. Is it designed to combat gaseous chemical weapons? From all that we can see so far, it isn’t.

  2. Aleksander says:

    Modern XM28 🙂