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Warrior West 23 – Forgeline Solutions Products Now Available Through ADS

ADS Inc is now stocking select pieces of the Forgeline Solutions offerings for purchase by units and agencies who are not part of the USSOCOM SPEAR program of record.

Now an independent company producing Berry compliant clothing and accessories, Forgeline Solutions finds its roots in Patagonia’s now defunct military programs.

5 Responses to “Warrior West 23 – Forgeline Solutions Products Now Available Through ADS”

  1. John says:

    When will the brand be available to the individual user from select specialized dealers?
    Forgeline Solutions must reconsider their policy. Many individual users need these apparel, not just agencies or units
    They should also make these available to Europe.

  2. Bill says:

    When will the site be ready?
    Any news on the 2023 catalog?
    Please make these available to the general tactical buyer.

  3. James says:

    Cant wait for the Forgeline to hit the commercial market.

  4. BLUTU says:

    ADS Inc is already taking orders for Forgeline apparel. I talked to a guy named Bryan Toner, who told me “If you can please tell me which military or government organization you belong to then I can make sure your request reaches the right sales team and they can provide you with any information you require.” I don’t think they are going to sell Forgeline to the public. Even Arcteryx LEAF is not sold to the public.

  5. Philip says:

    Geardos and airsofters aren’t really a market priority for companies vying for contracts with the military and other government agencies. Not everything from every company is intended to be offered publicly on the commercial market.

    If you’re after some, just be on the lookout for when it inevitably hits the secondary market through eBay, surplus shops and disposal sales.