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The New Nemesis Camouflage Patterns are Being Released by Diversitex Inc Fabrics

There’s something new brewing in the Tactical Camouflage industry! As earlier reported here on Soldier Systems Daily, Former US-SOF Veteran, DOD Contractor and Consultant; Clint Hoover has been working diligently to bring a new Special Operations inspired Camouflage to the industry. Around mid-summer 2022 the Alpha Groups Solution owner was challenged to converge all his cumulative real world experience & knowledge along with acquisitions sub-straight, product development. A real military pattern with an edgy legacy look and advanced color blends. The result is a “Keep It Simple Solution”.

The “Bigger News” for this Soldier Systems Daily release is the industry collaboration between Nemesis Camouflage and Diversitex Inc.

For those that may not know about Diversitex, you are looking at a company with over 50 years of textile experience. Establishing itself as a major supplier of camouflage around the world. Diversitex holds a unique position in the industry, blending technical know-how with a customer-focused approach to deliver the just right fabric for any application. Its focus on domestically crafted product and relationships with leading mills translates into a broad product selection and fast delivery times.

Here’s the news… this collaboration roll-out between Nemesis and Diversitex, focus will be on Nemesis Woodlands Wolf variation. So, standard 500d, 1000d, 70d, Heavy Mesh, along with Nyco Extreme Ripstop fabric. Diversitex will also introduce narrow width goods in Nemesis Woodlands in standard webbings.

The current plan is to roll out a new version of Nemesis Camouflage- “Woodlands Wolf” will be Nemesis “Desert Scorpion” Camouflage, then Nemesis “Night Ops” followed by Nemesis “Snow Tundra”.

Although we have a planned phase in schedule on pattern release, any of the 4 new Nemesis Camouflage patterns can be printed based on customers meeting the “Minimum Order Quantity” on the other 3 future Nemesis pattern releases. You can have it first!

For interested manufacturers you can reach out to Diversitex Inc. about the New Nemesis Camouflage fabrics: www.diversitexinc.com

POC: Marc Bergman (Diversitex)

And for more information on other Nemesis Camouflage products, Kydex plastic, Hydrographics and Vinyl. Go to www.alphagroupsolution.com

4 Responses to “The New Nemesis Camouflage Patterns are Being Released by Diversitex Inc Fabrics”

  1. MikeO says:

    The woodland looks like it’d be very effective to me, but most of the world seems to have largely gone in the direction of small multicammy blobs.

    • Xaver Basora says:

      The 1st camo pattern reminds me of the WWII Italian camo one. The one used by the paras.

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    These all look like Rainbow Six skins.

    Hmm, not sure.

  3. R. Jones says:

    Hello, I’m with Rockywoods fabrics. I see you have our picture posted here of the 500d Cordura® colors. I’m okay with you using it, but you really should have asked first. It would have been nice you gave credit as well. It’s not a fancy picture, but a useful one.
    FYI, we recently updated the pic to reflect that these fabrics are TrueLock™.