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USSF Completes Service Dress Uniform Fit Tests

WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Space Force completed its final service dress uniform fit test March 27-31 at the Pentagon. The initial fit test was conducted February 13-17 at Peterson Space Force Base.

Fit tests are an essential process in developing the prototype’s sizing and fit. One hundred Guardians worldwide were selected as fit test participants, an important milestone in delivering a first-rate uniform. 

“From the word ‘go’ we have been committed to keeping Guardian feedback at the forefront of developing the service dress,” said Col. James Jenkins, director of the Office of Change Management Team. “We know Guardians are excited for a uniform they can call their own and we are accelerating as quickly as possible to deliver a product they can wear with pride.”

The Space Force unveiled its initial service dress uniform prototype in September 2021, quickly followed by a uniform roadshow garnering Guardian feedback.

“We used Guardian focus groups and roadshows to narrow service dress design options,” said Wade Yamada, U.S. Space Force Director of Staff deputy. “We listened intently to Guardian design and fit requests. In many ways, Guardians helped select our current service dress design.”

The next step in developing the service dress uniform is the wear test to assess the durability, functionality and comfort of the prototype. The wear test will begin in summer 2023.

During the wear test, Guardians will wear the uniform three times a week and provide detailed feedback assessing the prototypes.

“We are excited by Guardians’ input into their future uniform,” said Catherine Lovelady, Office of Change Management Team uniform lead. “We are passionate about ensuring our members continue to have a voice in shaping a unique Space Force uniform.”

Guardian feedback will continually be at the forefront of uniform development as the service works toward delivering to the force in late 2025.

Story by SAF/PA Staff Writer, Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Photos by Andy Morataya

7 Responses to “USSF Completes Service Dress Uniform Fit Tests”

  1. CJ says:

    Guardians and sci fi style uniforms …not a good look at all. They look and sound like fantasists.

  2. the hun says:

    No helmet?!
    Ah, no space suit!
    But something to consider … a cape, silver,
    and a big “G” on the chest.

  3. Bob says:

    These look like something from a dystopian movie about future fascists.
    OTOH, they do look like the uniform Patton designed for tankers.

  4. G3SM says:

    They had a call for suggestions with regards to the naming within the Air Force. I don’t think they even read any of the proposals, there were good ones. Guardian’s is ridiculous and has no particular connection to the domain (i.e. Soldier, Sailor, Marine, etc.). I actually proposed the unique word “Stellast,” and they opted for a Marvel Film franchise.

  5. Larry says:

    Focus groups and roadshows to narrow it
    down to the original intention, to make everyone
    wear what some Trekkie general wants,
    some idiotic Star Trek uniform.

    The US military is becoming a laughing stock.

  6. Johnny Ringo says:

    They could have gone with the Spaceballs uniforms and made a more serious statement.

  7. Pitu says:

    Get rid of the buttons and close the collar so that it’s a mandarin/nehru collar. Should be black or slate in color. Basically the starfleet uniforms from ST:Picard without the division colors.