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NorArm Tactical Creates New Camouflage Pattern

In honor of yesterday’s Constitution Day in Norway, NorArm Tactical announced their new camouflage pattern: Norwegian Flecktarn. What’s more, they’ve introduced a new base fabric as well: NYCO Stretch.

The pattern was designed by @rndr.design and features elements of Flecktarn and the shape of Norway, their home. You can see it above on either side of the current Norwegian Woodland national pattern, with a close up

Clothing in the new pattern should be available by early June.

8 Responses to “NorArm Tactical Creates New Camouflage Pattern”

  1. LowSpeed says:

    Very nice. At a very quick glance, it looks like the standard and very effective current iteration of the Finnish M05.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    I love what Sebastian does, such a cool business model, and his gear is in use in current conflicts.

    Now if only he will do a field shirt.

    • Sebastian says:

      Jon, appreciate that, truly, but I can’t take whole credit out here since I’m not the CEO – that’s Milan. Of course we are all working on every project, also including field shirt and field pants. Stay tuned please, this year will be rich in new products!

    • TheFull9 says:

      Definitely agreed, bought a combat shirt lately but I’d have taken a field shirt instead/as well perhaps.

  3. Mike Perry says:

    Looks like one of the patterns used by the German SS in WW2

  4. J says:

    Would be nice to see an updated pattern for M81 Woodland color scheme. Put the colors of M81 Woodland on this pattern and see how it performs. This pattern looks like it might be good for the Northwestern rain forests and Upper Midwest parts of the U.S.