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Booz Allen Awarded $919M Contract to Support Warfighter Capabilities

With an enterprise approach, Booz Allen seeks to enhance the Soldier as a System

MCLEAN, Va., May 23, 2023–Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH), announced today it was awarded a performance-based task order, EDITS (Engineering, Development, Integration, and Technology-based Solutions), a research and development contract valued at $919 million. EDITS is designed to enable the Soldier as a System concept and continuously enhance the warfighter’s ability in all climatic conditions and combat situations, ensuring protection and survivability across multiple Department of Defense (DOD) agencies. The task order supports the following mission partners: U.S. Army Program Executive Offices (PEO) to include Soldier, elements of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), U.S. Army Development Command (DEVCOM) Soldier Center and the DOD’s Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA). This contract will enable Booz Allen to offer cutting-edge, technology-based solutions across services to meet emerging threats and ensure a versatile, expeditionary, agile, sustainable, and interoperable military capable of meeting and overcoming any challenge.

“Supporting warfighters requires concerted coordination that informs technology development and integration in order to empower the nation’s forces to operate jointly. Booz Allen will work to support orchestration across mission partners at the strategic level and adaptive tech integration at the tactical level for warfighters,” said Judi Dotson, Booz Allen’s Global Defense sector president. “The EDITS contract represents a cultural shift intended to foster collaboration early in technology development, as we will help facilitate open communication across service boundaries and posture for the integration of future technologies through system-level architectures.”

The flexibility of the EDITS program will allow the mission partners to rapidly identify new technologies, develop prototypes, and then test and evaluate the effectiveness of these technologies. In addition, the project allows for support to global operations, including foreign military sales, contingency logistics, and host nation training. Booz Allen and its teammates are postured to support the Department of Defense in addressing emerging threats with new technologies and integrated systems.

“By integrating new technologies into warfighter systems across service boundaries, EDITS will absolutely help drive synergies and efficiencies in modernizing and equipping the military’s tactical units,” said Joel Dillon, a senior vice president in Booz Allen’s Global Defense business. “The ultimate goal of the work is to enable the tactical unit as a fully integrated combat platform by supporting warfighters—at home and abroad—and providing solutions that increase lethality, survivability, and situational awareness that enhance the Soldier as a System.”

DOD and U.S. government program offices will leverage the EDITS contract to collaborate across organizations to minimize duplication of effort and allow for cost-effective solutions. With this program, Booz Allen will improve interoperability through technology identification, maturation, and transition of solutions seamlessly across organizational boundaries within the EDITS enterprise.

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