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5D Tactical Pistol Jig Pro Set for Launch: World’s First Multi-Platform Jig for 80% Polymer Pistols

May 25th, 2023 — We are excited to announce the official launch of our latest product, the Pistol Jig Pro. This innovative tool is the world’s first reusable multi-platform jig, specifically created for 80% polymer pistols. Notably, it has been developed and tested rigorously to achieve an industry-first ability to accept frames from multiple manufacturers.

The Pistol Jig Pro is more than a mere tool—it represents our collective freedom. This product embodies our dedication to upholding the Second Amendment. Regardless of the liberties that may be threatened, the Pistol Jig Pro equips you with the ability to build for years to come.

The Pistol Jig Pro truly stands by the promise of “one jig does it all,” offering unparalleled versatility and durability. This innovative platform is designed to work with the leading 80% pistols on the market. Our patent-pending hardened steel drill guides and inserts can be quickly repositioned to change from one platform to another.

Currently, the 5D Pistol Jig Pro is compatible with the following models from Polymer80: PF940v2: Full-Size. PF940C: Compact, PF940SC: Sub-Compact.

Additionally, the Pistol Jig Pro can accommodate these models from 80% Arms: GST-9 MOD1 and GST-9 V1 frames.

Crafted from billet aluminum, the Pistol Jig Pro features durable hardened steel drill bushings, ensuring that it can endure a lifetime of use. This characteristic empowers firearm enthusiasts to create and maintain their crafts over time, regardless of potential challenges that may surface.

The Pistol Jig Pro will be available for order starting this week. As a token of our appreciation for the early supporters of this product, we are pleased to pass on savings by offering an introductory price of $149.99, notably lower than the regular price of $199.99. Orders will ship in June 2023.

For more details about the Pistol Jig Pro, please visit our site at: www.5dtactical.com/products/5d-tactical-pistol-jig-pro-multiplatform

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