ZEV Technologies Announces the Official Launch of the OZ9 V2 ELITE

ZEV Technologies announces the official launch of the OZ9 V2 Elite series of pistols, offering true modularity with a single Compact receiver that can be customized into ten different configurations. The originality of the V2 combines the best of Gen 3 and Gen 5 parts, resulting in a robust integrated system with advanced performance. The OZ9 V2 Elite has also received aesthetic updates, modernizing the signature cuts, and overall appearance. It is available now in various sizes, with the V2 Combat launch coming soon.

The V2 Combat platform has been adopted by the DOE’s OST as their sidearm. Both the Elite and Combat handguns share the DNA of Original ZEV modularity and advanced design.

“The V2 OZ9 was designed by Team ZEV with the mantra ‘one gun, every mission.’ With true modularity and hybrid generation tech, we have turned that dream into reality. Whether you are a defensive-minded citizen or a professional end user, the OZ9 V2 offers something for everyone.”

– Dan Groce, Director of Brand Engagement

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