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Explore the FROG.PRO Tactical Evolution in the New Phantomleaf WASP II Z3A and Z2 Camo

(GATTATICO (RE) – ITALY) – FROG.PRO®, the Italian reference brand for tactical tailoring, is proud to announce the release of its new Capsule Collection #2 – Phantomleaf Vibes.

Always keeping pace with the latest innovations

For years we at FROG.PRO have been committed to offering awesome tailored gear to our customers, but we don’t just stop at the design and production of combat equipment. Our mission is to integrate the most advanced technologies to provide operators with comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to support them in modern warfare scenarios.

For this reason, we decided to launch the new line Capsule Collection #2 – Phantomleaf Vibes. The Phantomleaf WASP II Z2 and Z3A patterns are the result of experience and continuous field-test to provide optimal camouflage performance in various operating environments.

The advantages of new color schemes

The Phantomleaf camo pattern technology combines natural and geometric elements in an innovative way, creating an unprecedented camouflage effect. These specific camouflage solutions, blending with the surrounding environment, will make you practically invisible, allowing you to operate with confidence and discretion. Phantomleaf represents a true revolution in the field of camouflage and concealment, starting from a completely different approach.

The new Capsule Collection #2 – Phantomleaf Vibes, was created to integrate this technology into FROG.PRO’s most advanced products such as the HAWK Plate Carrier, the Chiron Mini IFAK and the Precision Rifle Scope Cover.

WASP II: breaking the perception

Phantomleaf develops modular camouflage systems using both the concept of mimikry (making something look like something else) and the concept of crypsis (hiding in one’s surroundings) to ensure optimal camouflage. The objective of WASP II is not to imitate or mimic the surroundings, but rather to introduce a pattern that leverages psychiatric and neuro-psychological knowledge to perplex the brain, disrupting its ability to classify visual information as familiar or menacing. All patterns provide micro, midi, and macro elements, addressing relevant engagement distances. The effectiveness of the pattern is demonstrated through night vision footage, showcasing its ability to provide camouflage even in low-light conditions and with infrared illuminators. The various WASP II patterns blend into designated environments, hindering human perception and making the user virtually undetectable.

As a starting point, we picked two patterns that would fit the biomes where most military operations currently take place.

Z2: from bush lands to desert

This coloration variant is designed to effectively camouflage in arid and desert-like regions, seamlessly blending into dry and burnt-out landscapes. With a combination of browns and yellows, this camouflage design perfectly mimics the hues and tones found in arid regions, ensuring that you remain hidden from sight even under the intense sun. Whether you’re lying low amidst the rubble or maneuvering through a desert canyon, WASP II Z2 offers reliable concealment at various distances.

Z3A: from forests to jungles

The WASP II Z3A pattern, a green variant of the Phantomleaf camouflage. Showcases remarkable camouflage capabilities in areas with high vegetation, ranging from deciduous and coniferous forests to lush tropical jungles. Thanks to the strategic combination of its seven-color palette, the adaptability of the Z3A pattern extends to boundary zones, where it transitions smoothly to bush, agricultural, or grasslands. The incorporation of micro, midi, and macro elements offers camouflage capabilities whether in close proximity or at longer ranges, ensuring a reliable performance at varying distances.

FROG.PRO, tactical innovation at your service.

Through the new Capsule Collection #2 – Phantomleaf Vibes, we express our commitment to evolution in the tactical field.

With the Phantomleaf WASP II Z3A and Z2 patterns, whether you’re operating in dense forests, lush jungles, or arid deserts, this new collection ensure you remain concealed, maintaining a tactical advantage. Rely on FROG.PRO for tactical awesomeness and stay one step ahead on the battlefield.

The Capsule Collection #2 – Phantomleaf Vibes is now available on www.frogpro.eu.

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