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Blade Show 23 – Spartan Blades Ka-Bar

The Spartan Blades Ka-Bar is a modern take on the classic design. It features COM MagnaCut with a deep crye treatment and PVD coating along with a Keaton G handle. And, it comes with a Kydex of leather sheath (seen here).

9 Responses to “Blade Show 23 – Spartan Blades Ka-Bar”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Hilt is noticeably narrower. I wonder what the driving thought was there? Thicker full tang I’d hope? That rat tail tang was always a weak spot in the KBar. I’ve bent them chopping and I’ve bought crooked ones out of clothing and sales that I was able to lock the blade in a Vice and bend straight by hand.

    • Invictus says:

      Agree, the Ka Bar has always been in dire need of a thicker and full length tang. I watched the Marines throwing the favorite knife of the Corps and bending it easily, turned mine into a display only and bought an ESEE for duty use.

    • Leo says:

      Where I was, it was “clothing OR sales”. We could only get clothing or sales. Not both.

      I heard of clothing AND sales, but I think guys were sending me out to get canopy lights or grid squares….. This is the magical place where you could get Coroframs and Cochran jump boots. Like guys in the 1st Calvary Division wear.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Been waiting for this patiently, congrats Kurt and Mark!

  3. Chuck says:

    Someone needs to do a modernized version of the WWII quartermaster knife, which was always superior to the Ka-Bar in my opinion.

  4. z0phi3l says:

    You could just like, go to the Ka-BAr site and buy the real thing