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G9 Defense and Dana Safety Supply Join Forces to Expand Distribution of Duty Ammunition for Law Enforcement

North Idaho, USA – June 1st, 2023 – G9 Defense, a manufacturer of industry leading ammunition, and Dana Safety Supply, an industry leader in the supply of public safety equipment, including emergency vehicle equipment installation services, firearms, ammunition, and tactical gear, are pleased to announce their exclusive distribution agreement for 13 states and Washington, DC. This collaboration will see Dana Safety Supply become the sole distributor of G9 Defense’s pistol duty ammunition products to law enforcement agencies in the Southeast and Southern regions of the United States.

G9 Defense has quickly gained recognition with both civilians and law enforcement its commitment to innovation and quality, crafting solid brass and copper ammunition that provides law enforcement and responsible citizens with increased capabilities when it matters most. Notably, their solid metal fluted designs offer terminal performance 3-5 times traditional handgun duty rounds, without overpenetration. G9’s projectiles are barrier blind; meaning, when faced with common barriers such as auto glass, drywall, or sheet metal they do not deflect in trajectory or lose terminal effect. G9’s law enforcement only round, the machined brass Armor Piercing Cavitator even penetrates through Level IIIA hard armor in all major handgun calibers. As a family-owned business, G9 Defense takes pride in manufacturing their products in northern Idaho empowering customers to defend, protect, and provide for themselves and their loved ones. Joshua Mahnke, CEO and founder of G9 Defense, see this partnership as “a massive step forward in capability to provide law enforcement officers with the tools they need to their job most effectively.”

David Russo, CEO of Dana Safety Supply, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with G9, a company known for leading innovation in the ammunition industry. With our extensive industry experience and history with law enforcement, we believe this partnership will enable us to enhance the capabilities of agencies across our market and keep more people safe. G9 Defense’s ammunition products are a natural fit with our commitment to providing the highest quality equipment and gear to support the protection of life, property, and public safety.”

Dana Safety Supply has solidified its position as an industry leader since its establishment in 2005. With 32 locations spanning 13 states, Dana Safety Supply has garnered a strong presence in the Southeast and South regions of the United States. Their mission centers on equipping law enforcement personnel with the tools necessary to fulfill their crucial roles effectively.

The exclusive distribution agreement between G9 Defense and Dana Safety Supply will take effect immediately. By leveraging Dana Safety Supply’s extensive network, local support, and deep industry connections, law enforcement agencies will gain broader access to G9’s products. This partnership aims to empower law enforcement professionals with cutting-edge tools and equipment to safeguard their communities effectively.

For further information please inquire through their website.

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