SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Bushido Tactical – Folding Linear Charge Pouch

The new Bushido Tactical Folding Linear Charge Pouch features an extended mesh tube can be tucked away inside the main body when not in use.

This PALs compatible pouch will accept various pre-made charges including Esoteric’s UTK.

Available from

2 Responses to “Bushido Tactical – Folding Linear Charge Pouch”

  1. Chris says:

    Its too bad their website is garbage. They block so many ISP’s and VPN’s I’m surprised anyone buys their stuff. The best way to lose customers is make your website inaccessible because you cant control the traffic. Business suicide.

    • Bushido Tactical says:


      Thank you for your feedback!

      We have had to block certain IP’s due to multiple fraudulent attempts on our site. Many Tier 1 units have still managed to email us for links / quotes for many of our products. Just because IP’s are blocked, it doesn’t prevent the military or LEO’s from purchasing directly via email or phone.

      Majority of our business is not conducted through our website.

      All the best!