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US Army Training and Doctrine Command and US Army Forces Command celebrate 50 years

WASHINGTON — This year marks 50 years since the founding of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and U.S. Army Forces Command.

“TRADOC today is not exactly like the TRADOC established in 1973, but throughout that time, the command has persevered as an organization and fulfilled its numerous missions — especially training” said Britt McCarley, TRADOC chief historian, who has been with the organization since 1988.

TRADOC and FORSCOM were founded during World War II as one organization known as the Army Ground Forces. When formed in 1942, the Army Ground Forces was the largest training organization ever established in the U.S. with 780,000 troops, which peaked at 12.2 million Soldiers by July 1, 1943.

After several reorganizations, Army Ground Forces finally settled into the two organizations they are today: TRADOC and FORSCOM. TRADOC and FORSCOM’s split 50 years ago came from a need to support two separate missions.

“TRADOC recruits and trains the next generation of Soldiers — develops adaptive leaders, helps modernize the force and shapes the culture of the Army. TRADOC was born out of innovation and that is still our mission today,” said Gen. Gary M. Brito, commanding general, TRADOC. Brito added that TRADOC provides institutional training throughout a Soldier’s career.

“TRADOC is improving our Army’s ability to fight and win large scale combat operations through the conduct of multi-domain operations.”

In addition to recruiting, training and education, TRADOC also establishes standards and drives improvement in the Army wherever it can. Whereas FORSCOM’s mission is to train and prepare the force to be globally responsive to build and sustain readiness for commander requirements.

“For me, the most rewarding part [of working for TRADOC] is the chance to be part of an organization that contributes to the common good of the United States,” McCarley said. “Defense of the nation is fundamental to the life of any country, and the opportunity to contribute to the larger American defense mission is the most rewarding part of my civilian service.”

On average, TRADOC trains more than 750,000 Soldiers and service members every year in its 32 Army training centers.

“I could not be more honored to serve with the dedicated team of civilian and military members, who support our Army mission every day,” Brito said. “But this 50-year anniversary isn’t TRADOC’s alone — it carries added significance to the Army as it is also the anniversary of U.S. Army Forces Command and the all-volunteer force. I look forward to our next 50 years and what the future has in store for our great Army.”

By SFC Michael Reinsch

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  1. Naut says:

    What are these tanks – or why do they look so funny? Are these dedicated training tanks or why does the hull features holes?