Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

GBRS x Unity Tactical – Axon Switches

Unity Tactical has created special versions of their Axon & Axon SL with custom cable lengths of 10″ and 14” exclusively for GBRS for use with Hydra mounts which require longer cables.


Featuring a Picatinny mount, the AXON switch provides complete control of lights and aiming devices in a single, compact, and rugged housing. Lights and aiming devices can be fired from individual buttons with versions available for popular issued devices. Its unique design provides tactile differentiation between the two buttons to eliminate confusion in dark, cold, and high-stress situations. The light (angled) button features a switch that allows for both momentary and constant activation, while the aiming device button features a momentary-only button that supports the double-click-for-constant-on feature.


The AXON SL is the smaller, single-button switch in Unity’s AXON family and hard mounts directly to an M1913 Rail. AXON SL features a 45-degree angled button face for an ergonomically correct activation angle, making it easy to index under stress while wearing PPE or facing extreme environmental conditions.

These longer cable versions of Unity AXON buttons are exclusive to GBRS. Currently in-stock are variants for Crane and SureFire plugs with NGAL plugs coming in the next few months.

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