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Tech Tuesday: The Small Tactical Universal Battery (STUB)

What is the STUB battery that everyone is talking about?

The Small Tactical Universal Battery (STUB) is a series of eight different capacity batteries that share a common connection interface – and feature a built-in USB-C connector with the USB PD fast charging protocol. Providing multi-voltage support with every model, the STUB is the new interoperable, mission-scalable power source for tactical electronics. Built to rigorous specifications, the STUB is also a key component of the DoD’s battery standardization roadmap.

With the STUB SAMPLE KIT from EXO CHARGE, Engineers and Program Managers are able to select the right STUB for their application. Included in the kit is a set of all eight STUB models, a USB PD wall charger and USB-C cable, and an optional PD analyzer. For total convenience and protection, all of this is packed into a ruggedized watertight case with internal padding for storage and transportation.

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4 Responses to “Tech Tuesday: The Small Tactical Universal Battery (STUB)”

  1. D Liddle says:

    Of everything the military has required OEMs to do for the sake of standardization, batteries isn’t one of them. This is a great idea. A better idea would be to get piezoelectric generation to a level that just walking is sufficient for passive background generative capacity. We’re still decades away.

    • Jeff Clement says:

      Agree. I remember regularly carrying something like 4 types of batteries just for my personal equipment (AA for NVG, AAA for GPS and headlamp, CR123 for Surefire, and whatever whackass battery the PRC 152 took). Now with Li Ion batteries so much better, going to a standard format and then having an adapter to charge e.g. headlamps with USB will streamline things.

  2. Invictus says:

    One step closer to the 1cm powerguns of the Hammerverse!

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