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The Australian Combat Assault Rifle by Lithgow Arms

Australian small arms manufacturer Lithgow Arms has formally launched their Australian Combat Assault Rifle line with two current models, the ACAR 5.56/300BLK and the ACAR 7.62. Both feature Direct Impingement operating systems. However, Lithgow Arms continues to develop the line and we should see a piston gun next year.

Designed and manufactured in a collaboration between Thales’s Lithgow Arms and Australian small arms specialist Wedgetail Industries, the ACAR series delivers high quality and mission flexibility for defence and law enforcement customers.

This video gives a quick overview of the ACAR.

We offered a sneak peek during last year’s Land Forces conference and will check these latest versions out during next week’s DSEI in London.

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2 Responses to “The Australian Combat Assault Rifle by Lithgow Arms”

  1. CastAway says:

    They should use real images. The AR15s all have a bolt assist in the video but not the photoshop productions.

  2. 22F says:

    If only I could own such technology, I’d love to have an Australian made AR.