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Accuracy X Expands Their 2011 Pistol Family with Lightfighter.net

Virginia USA. – Sept. 12, 2023 Accuracy X, Inc., announced today the addition of the D1 Gunfighter and T1 Darkfighter models to their 2011 pistol family, bringing the number of models in the family to eight.

The Gunfighter and Darkfighter models are the result of a collaboration with the professional tactical knowledge group, lightfighter.net. 

Both new models bring together the renown accuracy, performance and versatility of Accuracy X pistols with the features and styling ques inspired by the professionals at LF.

“The development of these limited edition Lightfighter 2011s was the result of a mutual pursuit of excellence and the desire to create configurations for the 2011 platform focused on duty and defense use,” said Accuracy X Inc. President Steve Huff. “We have combined our standards of exceptional performance and reliability with distinctive design enhancements to improve aesthetics and capabilities. The outcome results in a highly adaptable and confidence inspiring shooter experience on the firing line, at the range and in critical situations where split seconds matter.” 

Among the design features included on both pistols are the patented Multi-Sight™ / SLOT Sight™ mounting system, Picatinny attachment dust cover rails, classic High Power slide cuts and BlackSTAR finish. The Darkfighter model features the single port carry X Comp which ensures flat shooting performance while providing a compact slide length.

The D1 Gunfighter and the T1 Darkfighter will be available for order beginning September 12, 2023.

For more information about these new tactical defense 2011 pistols, contact Accuracy X, Inc. or go to:


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2 Responses to “Accuracy X Expands Their 2011 Pistol Family with Lightfighter.net”

  1. the dude says:

    1. doesn’t know the difference between “precision” and “accuracy”
    2. focus on “aesthetics”
    3. open emitters
    4. no threaded barrel
    5. 5k for a 9mm sidearm

    but hey it’s daaaaark yea brotherrrr

    • The other dude says:

      Lol tell us you didn’t read or watch anything without telling us you didn’t read or watch anything.