Halo International Limited Agrees on the Purchase of Shares of tactical Equipment Provider, Helix Operations Limited

Halo International Limited is set to acquire shares of tactical equipment provider, Helix Operations Limited, through an agreement with Excalibur Ltd, reinforcing its commitment to enhancing its product portfolio and market presence.

Halo, owner of Brigantes Consulting Ltd, has recently confirmed an agreement for the acquisition of shares of Helix. 

Halo is the parent company of on-the-soldier equipment provider, Brigantes Consulting Ltd. Combining decades of military experience with keen technical expertise and advanced industry awareness, Brigantes are the go-to specialist for on-the-soldier equipment. With a product range that spans apparel, footwear, vertical movement, signature management, technology, mobility, and sustainment. Founded in 2014 by ex-military personnel, Brigantes unites decades of military experience with advanced technical expertise, cementing itself as a trusted international supplier to NATO military, government, and elite police units. Through unique alliances with world-leading brands, Brigantes pioneers the latest, bleeding-edge equipment solutions in state-of-the-art soldier systems for every conceivable operational environment.

Tactical equipment and training provider, Helix is a Wales-based company that specialises in the provision of tactical mountaineering and climbing equipment. Helix provides the complete capability for vertical access and rescue in mountain, maritime and urban environments. With headquarters in the north Welsh mountains, Helix has over 30 years of experience in the supply of tactical climbing solutions. Their customer base includes the UK MOD and several NATO forces. In addition to the provision of expert equipment, Helix also provides externally accredited training programmes that incorporate best practices from industry and operational environments. Helix cooperates closely with teams to develop bespoke systems that are fit for purpose for tactical use – deploying quickly and discreetly and can work with incumbent military equipment.

Having worked together for several years, Brigantes and Helix are closely aligned in terms of product focus and customer base. This latest development represents a natural continuation of the longstanding partnership and a significant opportunity for expansion into global markets. Brigantes’ first-hand experience of military operations and on-the-soldier equipment solutions unite seamlessly with Helix’s acute understanding of tactical mobility systems, particularly in the context of vertical movement, rescue and mountaineering equipment. 

Matt Williams, Halo International CEO, commented:

“Brigantes has worked very closely with Helix for many years on the provision of tactical equipment solutions and training for mountaineering and vertical access. Their expertise in this realm is unparalleled and so this agreement made complete sense and will enable us to move up a gear, enhancing our existing specialisms with even more bespoke knowledge and expanding our offering to worldwide markets.”

This acquisition represents a continuation of Halo’s strategic vision. By leveraging the international potential and unique tactical equipment and training expertise supplied by Helix, Halo will drive innovation and value for Brigantes’ military customers, further solidifying its position as an industry leader in the provision of on-the-soldier equipment. 

The combined strengths of the Halo Group and Helix will result in a stronger, more diversified market presence, delivering exceptional procurement knowledge, robust testing capabilities and quality training opportunities for their customer base. This acquisition sparks huge potential for further growth and development for both entities, uniting specialised expertise and industry experience across adjacent sectors to deliver an enhanced offering for military customers across the globe. 

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