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DSEI 23 – Beretta Debuts New Assault Rifle Platform

Beretta debuted their New Assault Rifle Platform at DSEI. NARP is a short stroke piston platform with two gas position settings for normal and suppressed.

Currently chambered on 5.56 NATO, the representative assured me that other calibers are coming, including a scaled up 7.62 version.

It is fully ambidextrous and utilizes an AR-style rear charging handle. In addition to the M4-style collapsible buttstock, it will also accept a side folder.

There are currently three barrel lengths, 11.5″, 14.5″ (not shown in these photos), and 16″.

While they would not show me the internals, I was told that NARP features a lubricant free coating.

The max o/a LE th with a 14.5″ barrel and extended stock is 34.9″ and 31.7″ with the stock collapsed.

7 Responses to “DSEI 23 – Beretta Debuts New Assault Rifle Platform”

  1. D Liddle says:

    The AR platform is officially the West’s (NATO’s…) new Gladius Hispaniensis. Give it another 20 years and every NATO nation will have some kind of derivative either in their inventory or as the primary issue for their militaries.

    Eugene Stoner would be proud.

  2. Jackie Chan says:

    Sounds like an LWRC to me.

  3. Eric says:

    Looks like it takes a lot of influence from the MCX, so much so it wouldn’t surprise me if its licensed.

    • Lcon says:

      Influence is putting it mildly.
      Like the old saying goes “Imitation is the most sincerest form of Flattery”
      I mean Sig HQ in New Hampshire has to be absolutely flush with Blushing from this.

    • SSD says:

      It’s not licensed.

  4. Lcon says:

    Other than the Stock and Berretta on the receiver it hard to tell this isn’t a Sig MCX SPEAR L.

  5. DJ says:

    Actually the term is emulation is the biggest form of flattery.

    They are way behind the power curve of the selection process. Along the lines of MDMP…….