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Noble Biomaterials Launches CIRCUITEX SIGMA at AUSA Tradeshow

Berry-compliant signature management program defines a new era for military technology. Electronic and thermal shielding solution protects against energy sensors that detect equipment and soldiers.

SCRANTON, PA. [September 26, 2023] Noble Biomaterials, a global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications, announces the launch of CIRCUITEX® SIGMA, (Signature Management) with Select Fabricators at the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C, October 9-11, 2023.

Select Fabricators, a leading U.S. Manufacturer of RF/EMI shielding enclosures, will showcase its new line of products with CIRCUITEX® SIGMA technology at AUSA. Select’s portfolio of products includes RF/EMI shielding tents, boxes, and large-scale modular enclosures. The company supplies product to the U.S. Government for several applications from SCIFS, vehicles, digital forensics, to small electronic device shielding and RFIS isolation.

“We are seeing demand increase for advanced signature management technology,” says Andrew Pluta, President of Select Fabricators. “Our customers require energy management solutions that control data and shield from advanced electromagnetic sensors. Capabilities that mitigate detection are a vital part of our business. Our partnership with Noble allows us to have an advantage in the signature management space for both thermal and electrical protection.”

CIRCUITEX® SIGMA uses a proprietary silver-based technology that shields emissive thermal signatures such as body heat, engine heat, and active firearms — anything that produces a thermal signature. In addition to emissive shielding benefits, CIRCUITEX® SIGMA can reflect electrical registrations as well. The combination delivers advanced protection allowing military units to stay virtually undetected by advanced sensors. 

“Developing products for combat has changed dramatically,” says Joel Furey, Noble Biomaterials Co-founder, and Chief Commercial Officer. “Our domestically manufactured silver technology delivers mission critical solutions that protect lives and valuable equipment. We have refined our product portfolio to meet and exceed expectations while maintaining our Berry-complaint status. The team in Scranton is very proud of the impact our products have on the market, and how they are being delivered.”

Select Fabricators will display its full range of products at the AUSA Annual Meeting, October 9-11 inclusive of Berry-compliant Circuitex Sigma. For interest and inquiries visit booth #544 or call +1 888.599.6113. For more information on CIRCUITEX®, visit

Noble has a history of groundbreaking innovation, from the first EPA-approved silver antimicrobial to the first silver technology in an FDA-approved medical device to the first antimicrobial on the International Space Station. The company is committed to pushing the barriers of material science with its proprietary silver-coating technology, which has been a cornerstone for building its technology portfolio. 

Noble Biomaterials is a registered FDA medical device facility, an essential sole-source technology supplier to the US military, and a US EPA–registered antimicrobial manufacturer. Noble products are EPA, FIFRA, BPR, and CE conforming.

For more information on Noble Biomaterials and to view their full range of fabric applications, please visit

Select Fabricators will display at AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C, October 9-11, 2023 at BOOTH #544. Contact directly 1 (888) 599 6113 and visit their full product assortment at  


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