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Shop Show 23 – 5.56mm Evolys Machine Gun from FN

Launched in May of 2021, the Evolys machine gun from Fabrique National was originally available in 7.62 NATO and later introduced in .264. Now, they’ve added a 5.56mm model.

This belt-fed weighs 12 lbs and offers all of the features of its bigger brother like side loading. It’s also fully compatible with existing M249 and Mk46 ammo boxes.

What you see here is the Rest of World configuration with SCAR Stock and unique trigger pack. The US variant will offer alternate stocks and the same trigger pack from the LICC program. The optic and MagPod seen here were added only as examples of accessories which can be added to the gun.

The gun is in production and has been delivered to European customers for evaluation.

16 Responses to “Shop Show 23 – 5.56mm Evolys Machine Gun from FN”

  1. Raheal Haris Shabbir says:

    Will they do a special run like they did with the 249? (I know they won’t)

  2. EzGoingKev says:

    “The US variant” – who in the US is using this?

  3. D Liddle says:

    “This belt-fed weighs 12 lbs”

    Pay attention Sig, this is how you do it…

    • SSD says:

      It’s a 5.56 gun. The 7.62 Evolys weighs 14 lbs. XM250 is 13 lbs.

    • Ian says:

      Low weight isn’t the be-all, end-all.

      If it comes at the expense of ruggedness, stability and heat dissipation (esp for a belt-fed), then it’s the enemy.

      NOT saying the FN gun here suffers from those problems, just speaking generally.

      • Ray says:

        Not to mention the fact that the XM250 is suppressed, while the Evolys shown here is not. So you’ve got a lighter weapon for several reasons: 1) It’s 5.56x45mm vs. 6.8x51mm; 2) you’re comparing a suppressed vs. unsuppressed weapon.

        If the Evolys wasn’t lighter than the XM250, I’d be very surprised. And like Ian mentioned: If it has any of these issues present(ruggedness, stability, and ability to dissipate heat) but is lighter than the XM250, is it really ‘how you do it’? Like Ian: I’m not saying this machine gun has any of these issues.

        In addition to this, there’s a inverse relationship with weapon weight and felt recoil generally. The lighter the weapon weight , the more recoil will be felt: Especially with larger caliber weapons. This can be mitigated with recoil buffers, which increases system weight anyway. So just because it’s lighter, doesn’t mean it’s more controllable in the automatic rifleman role.

        • James says:

          I think we’re seeing a fulfillment of a long evolution to a few” new” weapon classes. Just like the “Assault Rifle” and ” Battle Rifle” filled the triangle between the rifle,submachine gun ,and the automatic rifle; now we’ve got a polygon to roll the ball around. While they seem to be settling toward a few things based on defined roles, there’s a lot of room to play around now that materials and manufacturing have blossomed. Exciting times.

    • Ray says:

      What makes you think FN didn’t submit this as their light machine gun submission for the Next Gen Squad Weapons? You do know they submitted prototypes, right?:


      If that is the case, Sig must have ‘done it’ better than FN, as far as the Army’s concerned.

      • SSD says:

        FN submitted a version of Evolys along with the HAMR variant of the SCAR which was initially developed for the Marine IAR program.

    • Ray says:

      Besides @DLiddle. This can’t be “how you do it”. You stated in your comments about the FN LICC that receivers with cuts on both sides are BAD. Based off your logic: This reciever has cuts on both sides, therefore it is a poor design. Not to mention you didn’t point out the lack of a dust cover like.you did the FN LICC. I’m surprised! You’re slipping @DLiddle.

      You can’t have it both ways: This one can’t get a pass just because it isn’t made by your nemesis (the builderberger/freemason/illuminati) Sig Sauer that you believe is taking over the world apparently.

  4. Erik says:

    This is a weapon that fills a niche.

    I was explained (by FNH) that it fullfills the role of a automatic rifleman during assaults.

    By eliminating the quick change barrel they saved a lot of weight on the weapon. This design choice was made after receiving feedback that certain units would not bring a spare barrel anyway on certain missions.

    My understanding is that the Evolys provides a tool for that type of role. Thus, this is not a weapon that is designed for sustained firing.