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Shop Show 23 – Multi-Function Muzzle Device from Strategic Sciences

Developed under a contract with the the Irregular Warfare Technology Support Directorate (IWTSD), this new suppressor technology from Strategic Sciences is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This two-piece design has been kept under wraps during development and is the brainchild of Russ Oliver who originally founded OSS Suppressors before moving on to Strategic Sciences. In addition to offering a unique form factor, the flow through suppressor design is 3D printed with the muzzle device attached over the barrel and the suppressor module latched into place in front of the muzzle device. (Yes, ATF is going to call both components suppressors, but this was developed for a military requirement, not commercial sale). Since the muzzle device fits over the barrel, it can’t be used with every rifle configuration.

Word has it this technology works very well. It’s available in 5.56, 7.62 and .338 variants. Below you can see some basic, releasable data on each of the models developed so far with different weapons.

IWTSD is a government office, which is responsible for conducting research and development in support of U.S. and allied organizations involved in Irregular Warfare. Although this includes Special Operations Forces (SOF), there is a variety of other government agencies with IW responsibilities who share mutual needs within this realm. IWTSD works with academia and industry to develop new advanced capabilities. Originally known as the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO), the name was changed to IWTSD, under the Assistant Secretary of Defense Special Operations / Low Intensity Conflict (ASD SO/LIC) in 2021.

Look for more information on this line of suppressors soon.

6 Responses to “Shop Show 23 – Multi-Function Muzzle Device from Strategic Sciences”

  1. Jan says:

    Looks like something straight out of Alien. Where can I buy one?

  2. Joe says:

    I know close to nothing about suppressor technology, but an average of around 70% reduction in recoil with this device seems massively impressive – no?

  3. Raul says:

    3-D printed, mmm. Can’t stop the signal eh?

  4. Seamus says:

    Given that the US Army is now fielding the M7 with a SIG suppressor i would be interested if a version this could replace the suppressor for it in about a decade when their service life is up. It would allow the M7 to maintain its short overall length. Hopefully by then they will have a version able to take the increase psi from the 6.8SPEAR.

  5. darrel says:

    It looks to be functionally disposable, something I’ve assumed was going to come down the pipe for a decade. When it gets loud throw it out and take another one out.