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Suunto Wing

Suunto recently launched the Wing, an open-ear sports headphone which utilizes bone conduction via the jaw bone so your ears aren’t covered. Looping over the ear, the band is semi-rigid and won’t fall off while engaging in sport activities. Bluetooth enabled, it connects to your end user device.

Waterproof to IP67, Wing boasts a 10 hour battery life. The included power bank offers 20 more hours and a 10-minute quick charge gives you three hours of listening.

Additionally, there are lights along the side for visibility while running which can be set on/off or in blink mode.

It also features a microphone. A cool feature is that you can answer or hang up on calls with head gestures. Similarly, you can interact with your play list.

3 Responses to “Suunto Wing”

  1. Pilum57 says:

    Very similar to the Shokz OpenRun Pro just with more hi-vis leds. Interesting.

  2. Doug S says:

    The way they market this, you’d think this was a revolutionary bit of kit. I’ve been using my OpenRun Shokz for several years and it does all of this. And if I need visibility, I will wear something a lot more conspicuous that narrow lights on the band.