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New FN 5.7x28mm Ammunition Available Now FN DFNS Personal Protection and FN GUNR Training Rounds Offer New Options to 5.7 Enthusiasts

(McLean, VA – November 16, 2023) FN America, LLC, the creator of the 5.7x28mm cartridge, is pleased to announce the release of two new options to customers who own 5.7-chambered firearms – FN DFNS™ for personal protection and FN GUNR™ for training and range use.

FN now offers a total of four 5.7 loads available to the U.S. consumer market with offerings ranging from training, sport shooting, small game hunting and personal defense.

“Since the NATO standardization of 5.7x28mm, there has been tremendous growth in the category and we recognized the need for reliable defensive ammunition and affordable ball ammunition for training, which is why we’re pleased to introduce the FN DFNS personal protection and FN GUNR training loads,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales for FN America, LLC. “FN has spent many years perfecting the design and manufacturing process for 5.7x28mm ammunition to ensure that no matter which FN 5.7 cartridge you load, it will function reliably and deliver the superior accuracy that 5.7 is known for. Our customers and 5.7 enthusiasts alike can depend on FN DFNS and GUNR to deliver equally against that promise.”

FN DFNS™ (SS200)

FN DFNS (SS200) is the first 5.7x28mm ammunition perfected for personal protection and delivers safe, reliable performance. FN DFNS is capable of achieving an average of approximately 2,067 feet-per-second while delivering approximately 286 foot-pounds of energy from the muzzle. The unique 30-grain jacketed hollow point bullet contains a copper-tin powdered core designed to expend energy quickly and efficiently while cycling reliably. DFNS has been certified by independent testing to meet the FBI’s ammunition testing protocol to ensure that this high-performance round delivers accuracy and consistent expansion.


The all-new FN GUNR (SS201) 5.7x28mm training round puts new training targets in reach for 5.7 owners. The 40-grain full metal jacketed cartridge features a high-quality brass construction with boxer primer and is designed to achieve an average of 1870 feet-per-second. The FN GUNR delivers extremely low felt recoil, improved accuracy at extended ranges and reliable feeding across all 5.7-chambered firearms and is considered comparable in performance to FN’s other sporting loads.

FN 5.7x28mm ammunition is now available in 50-round individual boxes or 500-round bulk pack cases and new retail packaging for FN’s legacy rounds will be introduced in the coming year.

More than 30 Years of FN 5.7x28mm

For the last three decades, FN has perfected the design and manufacturing of 5.7x28mm ammunition. Only the highest quality brass, projectiles and primers are used along with proprietary coating techniques applied during the loading process. Adherence to these requirements ensures that each cartridge performs reliably and safely under the extreme pressures generated by the round.

The development of the 5.7x28mm cartridge and FN P90® began in the late 1980s in anticipation of a potential NATO PDW contract that would eventually be called Project 90. By the 1990s, FN was well underway with sales of its P90, already in service internationally. The FN Five-seveN® was developed in the mid to late 1990s and would see service worldwide later that decade with the original FN Five-seveN DAO along with its CIP-standardized ammunition. It, along with its PS90 carbine counterpart, were introduced to the U.S. commercial market in the mid-2000s. NATO standardized the caliber in 2021 and since, the category has continued to flourish with the introduction of the FN Five-seveN MRD optics-ready model in 2022.

To learn more about FN 5.7x28mm ammunition and the firearms designed around the caliber, please visit

5 Responses to “New FN 5.7x28mm Ammunition Available Now FN DFNS Personal Protection and FN GUNR Training Rounds Offer New Options to 5.7 Enthusiasts”

  1. Paul says:

    Why not make the range ammo and the defensive ammo
    with identical external ballistics ballistics?

    • James says:

      Blowback weapons. Most of the lighter defensive loads have alternative bullet construction, and cheaper bullets are more conventional therefore different weights with similar shape(heavier) . To keep bolt thrust in the same range they have to be loaded slower. Most of the 5.7 pistols will actually handle heavier loads due to delay mechanisms and there are a few companies that load for that. The ss197 ( closest)and gold’dot will get you closer to your range ammo, but has obvious trade offs.

  2. mark says:

    Are these velocities from PS90 (16″), P90 (10″), or FsN (4.8″)?

    If they are from the 4.8″ FsN, both are a good bit hotter then their previous SS195/SS198 27gr (1950-2050fps), and SS197 40gr (1750fps), which is a very welcome development.

    On the flipside, if these velocities are from the 16″ PS90, then they are a good bit slower then the previous factory loads. SS195/SS198 27gr is 2300-2400fps and SS197 40gr is 1950-2050fps from the 16″ PS90.

    • James says:

      Buffman on YouTube has as vid up on the 201 GUNR , and has some of the 200 DFNS in for testing. The 201 seemed like a pretty standard American Eagle / Fiocchi 40 clone(see above)

      • mark says:

        Just saw the video, thanks. Buffman is the best.

        1600fps from the 40gr from the 4.8″. OY. Loaded about 150fps slower than the already underloaded SS197. The cartridge is capable of launching a 40gr @ 1900fps safely from the 4.8″ barrel…

        If FN is worried about armor penetration from FMJ it should use a JSP with a soft lead tip, rather than reducing velocity.