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AXL Advanced + V•XV CONCEPTS Merger Announcement

It all started backstage at a concert where a deal would be negotiated that would lead to VXV and AXL joining forces.

Since duals to the death were outlawed in 1859, both teams chose a modern solution to decide who would acquire the other.

After winning 4 out of 7 games of Russian Roulette UNO™, AXL is honored to announce that VXV Concepts has been acquired by AXL Advanced, with all VXV Concepts employees joining the AXL team.

VXV Concepts will continue to operate as its own brand through VXVconcepts.com, with all the resources AXL offers.

Both teams are excited about the future and look forward to releasing innovative products in 2024!

Please note that VXV Concepts products are currently built to order and will transition to in-stock like AXL offers in early 2024. Product and order questions can be directed to support@VXVconcepts.com or support@AXLadvanced.com



One Response to “AXL Advanced + V•XV CONCEPTS Merger Announcement”

  1. .308 says:

    its like the meeting of Smith and Wesson!