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Looking Back, Program Manager Soldier Lethality Change of Charter

Lindner Conference Center   –  

Project Manager Soldier Lethality held a change of charter ceremony, followed by a retirement ceremony, at Lindner Conference Center on Picatinny Arsenal, August 4.

Brig. Gen. Christopher Schneider officiated the exchange of responsibility of PM SL from the outgoing Program Manager Col. Scott Madore to Col. Jason Bohannon.

“There are three things I think are the secret sauce to being a great Program Manager,” said Schneider. “You have to lead fearlessly and with compassion. You have to have experience. The last thing I call stakeholder management, but it’s actually being a good teammate. Scott does all these things frankly better than most people I know.”

PM SL performs a pivotal role in equipping Soldiers with unparalleled proficiency in both individual and crew-served weaponry. By overseeing the development, production, deployment, and sustainment of contemporary and future weapon systems, along with target acquisition and fire control products, PM SL ensures a continual evolution. As a result, Soldiers are outfitted with advanced systems that significantly elevate their survivability and lethality, reinforcing their effectiveness in the field.

“I feel extremely honored to have been selected to come to Picatinny to be a part of PEO Soldier and to be part of the PM Soldier Lethality Team,” said Madore, giving his final remarks after handing the leadership reigns over to his counterpart. “I cannot imagine a greater group of teammates to finish my career working alongside.”

As the PM SL organization sends off Col. Madore and his family, a warm welcome is given to the leadership skills and technical expertise of Col. Bohannon. The newest member of the PM SL team here at Picatinny Arsenal is no stranger to this organization.

“My family first came here in 2012,” said Bohannon. “I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to putting me here today. This has been the homecoming for the Bohannon tribe…”

 “So, when I talk to the Officers, men, and women of PM Soldier Lethality – you have the most consequential task of our generation for small arms development.  We will field the most lethal small arms that ground forces have ever seen, those systems must be the most reliable tool a Soldier, Marine or operator can depend on are in a firefight, a tool that [they] can trust.”

This was not only a change of charter ceremony, but also an opportunity for Madore to celebrate his retirement ceremony. Madore served with honor in the military for 31 years. The entire organization wishes him and his family good luck and best wishes as they move toward future endeavors.

Be all you can be, Scott. Thank you for your service to the country and for everything you’ve done in your 31-year career.

Story by Luke Graziani, US Army

Photo by Jesse Glass

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