Wilcox BOSS Xe

Scalarworks – LEAP/12

Another great item I missed earlier this year is the LEAP/12 from Scalarworks.

Weighing just 68 grams, this 2.26″ mount not only accepts the EOTech HWS but also integrates space for a 3X magnifier, replacing two commonly used mounts.

Read more here: scalarworks.com/shop/quick-detach-mounts/leap-12

9 Responses to “Scalarworks – LEAP/12”

  1. SShink says:

    $849 for a 2.26″ riser?

    • Cuvie says:

      The mount itself is $250
      The $849 is with the EOTech EXPS3 bundled together with it

    • SSD says:

      Reading Is Fundamental

    • Austin says:

      That’s for the mount and EXPS3 bundle.

    • the dude says:

      I would like to see it listed at $849 for the riser only just to see how many airsofters buy it. You know they would.

      • Yawnz says:

        Why are you assuming airsofters would?

        • Cuvie says:

          Because of the hype behind the GBRS Hydra Mount.
          Though most Airsofters would probably just get the $50 chinese copy which seems to be machined better and is made of a higher grade of aluminum. The screws are kinda wack though.

          • Joe says:

            I bought one of those $50 copies. What a pile of crap! SO thin compared to the GBRS mount and most definitely isn’t made of higher quality aluminum. Based on me cutting it apart, it’s at BEST 5052, but nearly as soft as 3003.