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DARC Cobb Explosive Breaching System

Veil Solutions shared these photos of the Direct Action Resource Center Cobb system.

Veil Solutions helped develop, design and test the system over the last few years. It has been working well for tons of agencies all over the country and been used operationally with great success as well.

If you or your team has an XB program and are looking for a better solution than what you are currently using – this is it. It’s the safest way to handle, protect, and deploy caps and manage line, especially as it pertains to hasty placements or while working under nods.

They’ve blown thousands of charges with these over the last few years in testing / development, and have complete and total confidence in the systems. These are available from Kit Resource along with spare firing devices, and every XB should have a spare.

One Response to “DARC Cobb Explosive Breaching System”

  1. BFW says:

    Fire in the hole… Well done to all involved with this project.