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Air Force Doctrine Publication 3-85, Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

The US Air Force has published Doctrine Publication 3-85, “Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations.”

Under development since last year, this new doctrine sees the transition of AFDP 3-51, Electromagnetic Warfare and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, to AFDP 3-85, Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations.

The document’s forward offers this description of the contents:

“The joint force requires an overmatching, offensive approach to electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) to enhance competitive advantage and create multiple dilemmas for adversaries in all domains. Airmen should develop EMS awareness, engagement, and maneuver capabilities that span and connect all domains and enable successful friendly operations. Dominant EMS expertise and capabilities can render adversary sensors, situational awareness, command and control, networks, and decision processes ineffective, preventing adversaries from attaining their objectives.”

Download at www.doctrine.af.mil.

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