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TacHacker – Salt and Pepper Wireless Camera System

Black Hills Designs has shared instructions for the Salt and Pepper Wireless Camera System, a DIY project.

Salt and Pepper is a live streaming camera system which can be assembled relatively easily using readily available components and can be mass produced at an affordable price. As of this publication the Salt and Pepper camera unit costs under $25 and the support equipment to control several cameras costs under $50.

The camera system utilizes no existing infrastructure such as cell networks, WiFi, or SATCOM making them ideal for austere conditions and disaster scenarios. It utilizes its own network.

Salt and Pepper is capable of >200m of line of sight and 8 hours of continuous use with recommended battery.

For full instructions, including a video and links to components, visit

2 Responses to “TacHacker – Salt and Pepper Wireless Camera System”

  1. Karsten says:

    Hi i think it´s the wrong link at the end of the article

  2. vic_toree says:

    This looks like a fun project, will have to give this a shot when we get some free time.

    Correct link to Black Hills Designs: