Magpul Introduces Metal Magazines

Well, it had to happen eventually. The company founded on polymer magazines has introduced…metal magazines. Some firearms have magwells too small for polymer magazines, like the SIG P320.

The AMAG 17 SG9 is a 17-round SIG P320 9mm handgun magazine featuring a heat-treated, stainless-steel alloy body with polymer sub-components. Magpul AMAGs come with many of our proven features, including a high-visibility, controlled-tilt follower, stainless-steel spring, flared floorplate that’s easily removable for cleaning and routine maintenance, paint-pen dot matrix for magazine marking, and capacity-indicator windows which begin at five (5) rounds, and continue along the spine of the magazine in one-round increments.

10 Responses to “Magpul Introduces Metal Magazines”

  1. jbgleason says:

    What the???? (Checks calendar and it isn’t April)

  2. NTX says:

    What’s interesting is that their promo/release video stated that this wouldn’t be the only metal mag…I wonder what else they’re planning?

    P365 mags are the next low hanging fruit, with perhaps G43X/48 mags slightly behind, but there are so many other possibilities, now that they’re working with metal.

    AR-10 (*cough XM-7 cough*)? M1A mags? MP5 series? Standard Glock?

    If they released a higher capacity, flush fit series of metal Glock mags then they’d print money all day long.

    As an aside, I really hope that the T series will include other mags as well.

    • SSD says:

      They’ve actually got a polymer XM7 mag and I hope they bring it to market.

    • Tcba_joe says:

      The single stack Glock mags made sense, since they were essentially going from a single stack/stack and a half to double stack.

      I’m not sure how going to metal in the double stack mags would work or make more capacity. Double stack-ier? Triple stack? I’m not sure metal would scale to the full size mags.

  3. Terry Baldwin says:

    I asked them many years ago if they would be doing an M1A/M14 magazine. They politely told me it was none of my business. Apparently thinking I was a competitor or industrial spy. I would certainly buy some M1A mags if they ever produced them. And one more for my wish list. And this is probably just me because I’m a fogey, but I would love to see a Magpul M1 Carbine magazine. All the old GIs I have are showing their age. Not likely I know. But I can dream!


    • Nicco says:

      Terry, I think I speak for everyone in saying that hypothetical Magpul M1 Carbine magazines are objectively awesome. Alas I don’t think that would translate to good sales, but one can dream.

      The M1 could also do with the Magpul ‘Backpacker’ treatment. I don’t necessarily mean making it takedown, but a lightweight, handy and packable contemporary polymer stock would be nice for those who use the M1 Carbine for a general purpose ranch and outdoor rifle. A role that it still does really well.

      • DSM says:

        I want to say they related polymer M1A mags were a no-go due to the size limitations of the magwell but if they’re opening the door to metal mags then that’s certainly back on the table. Shoot, everything is for grabs at this point and they’d sell just on name alone.

        And a Backpacker carbine? That’s something I never would have thought about but would be a great idea. An old Blue Sky imported, Sep ’43 dated Inland M1 Carbine was the first rifle I saved up my lawn mowing money and bought back in the day. $150 off the used rack at the local gun shop. They have an FTX (?) style round I’d love to see Hornady swage an XTP style bullet for the carbine.

  4. Patrick Trudeau says:

    Ah that makes sense, I was wondering who Duramag was referring to in their Reddit posts about a “Major industry partner” introducing these and them being available “absolutely everywhere”…

  5. Chris G says:

    This is the lead up to producing lower cost 2011 mags for Staccatos