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Ohio Ordnance Works Introduces Their .338 Beltfed: The REAPR

Chardon Ohio, January 12, 2024: Ohio Ordnance Works introduces the REAPR.

Join the Ohio Ordnance Works team at SHOT Show 2024, booth 70405 and experience the Recoil Enhanced Automatic Precision Rifle (REAPR) – a revolution in modern military general purpose machine guns (GPMG). Designed to exceed SOCOM military specifications while delivering a unique combination of accuracy, reliability, durability, and field maintainability. The REAPR represents critical innovations in firearms technology with advancements for all military ground forces.

REAPR Features: Lightweight, highly portable battlefield suppression system chambered in .338 Norma Magnum with a 7.62 NATO conversion kit, simple and robust receiver, tool-less field stripping, and one-handed barrel changes. A system that breakdowns into three major components in under ten seconds, small enough to fit into an operator’s backpack!

Designed from the ground up by the advanced engineering team at Ohio Ordnance Works. With over 40 years designing, manufacturing, and supplying US and allied military divisions with industry-leading, battle-ready, belt-fed weapon systems.

The REAPR is available for ordering in test quantities immediately. Full volume production begins April 2024!

For more information, visit www.oowinc.com.

10 Responses to “Ohio Ordnance Works Introduces Their .338 Beltfed: The REAPR”

  1. Tony King says:

    Intentional blurred photo? Not what you expect from this site.

  2. P.H. Esquire says:

    This is a bad ass gun, I’ve shot it. Can’t wait to see it at SHOT!

  3. Nick K says:

    I hope it’s less blurry at Shot Show!

  4. SVGC says:

    This is honestly a pretty badass little MG. Let the people see it, y’all have had it at SHOT the last two years.

  5. Jon, OPT says:

    I wonder if this means they will let people take pics of it at SHOT this year. It was fun watching them repeatedly tell people to not take pictures of it last year, and I was only there for about 15 minutes. It’s a very cool MG.