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Special Operations Warrior Foundation Announces Scholarship Funded by Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund in Honor of John Magness

Tampa, FL, Feb. 29 – The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) is proud to announce a $250,000 scholarship grant for the 2023/2024 academic year, generously funded by the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund (JMSF) in memory of John Magness, a revered patriot, and distinguished Special Operations helicopter pilot.

John Magness, whose legacy of bravery and dedication continues to inspire, played a pivotal role in critical military operations, including leading a troop of attack helicopters during the Persian Gulf War and participating in the historic Battle of the Black Sea in Mogadishu, Somalia, as part of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Tragically, John Magness passed away on February 5, 2023, after summiting Mount Aconcagua, undertaking this formidable challenge to raise awareness and funds for the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, a cause he passionately supported. As an Ambassador for Special Operations Warrior Foundation, John’s commitment to the children of our nation’s fallen heroes was unwavering.

The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, in collaboration with SOWF, aims to honor John’s legacy by supporting the educational aspirations of students who, despite facing significant challenges, have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to their academic and personal growth.

Both JMSF and SOWF are honored to contribute to the educational journey of future leaders. It reflects a shared commitment to nurturing the dreams of our fallen SOF Warriors’ children and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund encourage the scholarship recipients, and all students, to pursue excellence in their endeavors and to remember the strength and support of the community that stands behind them.

We look forward to witnessing the remarkable achievements our scholarship recipients will accomplish and are confident that they will continue to honor the legacy of heroes like John Magness.

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