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Helikon-Tex Launches New Products

One of the only reasons I stayed on in Nürnberg after Enforce Tac to attend IWA was to see what Poland’s Helikon-Tex would launch for 2024 and they didn’t disappoint.

Duck Hunter

Each year they launch a retro pattern and this year it’s Duck Hunter aka USMC pattern, aka Frog Pattern which was worn by US Forces and their allies well into the 80s and was adopted by US hunters. To showcase the pattern, they created a diorama featuring a Vietnam-era SEAL complete with UDT vest, suppressed Grease Gun and Beret along with Helikon-Tek’s UTP Pants and Raid Shirt.

During the year, they will introduce Duck Hunter versions of their most popular chest rigs and packs. Likewise, many of the items they offered in last year’s Rhodesian pattern are still available.

Next, we’ll point out the other new products for 2024.

Alien Bag

The new Alien Bag is massive and utilizes four zippers to open up like the egg pods on the movie “Alien.

Here you can see the top closure which is covered with a flap.

The inside is high visibility so you can find everything and the base is padded so you can stand on it to change if you’re swapping out wet clothes. Additionally, there is a small bag internally for wet items. It can be carried in three ways, with hauling loops, backpack straps and shoulder straps.

Rescue Team Gear

In addition to the Red color for Rescue and First Responders, you see this team outfitted with the new SAR Vest furted with SAR Scissors Pouch, SAR Admin Pouch, SAR Medium Pouch, and SAR Large Pouch along with the new Lizard Grip Gloves. Additioanlly, the female member of the team is wearing the Women’s OTP pant.

Mission Bag

The Mission Bag is inspired by the Rangemaster Bag but offers seven pockets.

Bushcraft and Outback Lines

The only new product seen here along with several popular Outback products is the new Winter Yukon Jacket.

Here we see the new Winter Warden Shirt and Swagman Scarf and well as the Bushcraft First Aid Kit.

Eye Pro

They are launching a line of ballistic rated eyewear this year.

Patrol Line

This manikin is equipped with the new Tracer Anorak and Ambush Backpack.

This example features the new Mk2 Boonie Hat and Ambush Backpack.

This guy is sporting the new Mk2 Boonie and Tracer Anorak.

Additional Items

To the left are the new Trooper Mk2 Jacket and Pants and to the right is the new Traveler Backpack the Urban line.


Check out their 2024 catalog to see everything. It’s over 250 pages. It contains more in-depth descriptions than we’ve supplied here.

Unfortunately, their US site doesn’t have all of the products but I’ve ordered direct from their international website and received everything I ordered, and in just a few days. Just make sure you set the language, country, and currency properly.


15 Responses to “Helikon-Tex Launches New Products”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Great company with outstanding ideas and designs. I just wish they were fully represented in the US. We get none of their best products on the US website.

    • Strike-Hold! says:

      I’m a looooong time fan and customer of Helikon-Tex and I’ve never had any problems ordering from their international site, or any of their dealers on Amazon.

      BUT… I agree that I would really rather than from their US-based operation and have a US-based point of contact to go to if I had any questions or issues.

  2. Raul says:

    Second all these comments, the international ordering was easy. Don’t hesitate but make sure you have a tape measure to get your sizing right. Gear is high quality and very well put together. Recommended highly.

  3. Zach says:

    These long retired bummer patterns were clearly made with the US market in mind. I painted a better pattern than both of these a few days ago and it was hurried. This is unacceptable and boring. Do a variant of multitarn or basic vegetato or a copy of Nfp multitone for the love of god. Maybe Tibet fleck and
    Japanese fleck, bam all seasons covered.

    • Chuck Thunder says:

      Definitely more of a fashion statement for the “goon” crowd. Rhodie-boos are an even cringier subset of that culture.

      • jjj0309 says:

        You guys have no idea how those old-school camouflages still absurdly effective, in right condition with right user.

        • Chuck Thunder says:

          I don’t doubt it, even ACU worked on grandma’s couch.

          However, I am adamant that effectiveness is not the reason that brush-stroke is popular, but wannabe edgelords.

          • Philip says:

            Your sentiments are not wrong, but I think the assumption that everyone who likes brushstroke is an undercover ideologue is a bit of a stretch.

            It’s entirely possible to like a pattern without espousing the views of the place it originated from. My 4 year old calls Soviet KLMK “pretty” but I don’t think she’s a commie lol

            • Strike-Hold! says:

              Well said Philip.

              RBS is an offshoot of the WWII British Brushstroke pattern used on the Airborne Forces famous Dennison smocks, and it is a very nice pattern.

              I love the pattern for its aesthetics, its design heritage, and its uniqueness. At the same time, I am militantly opposed to any form of racism or white supremacy.

              Just because a bunch of knuckle-dragging morons have appropriated the pattern (without probably understanding much of anything about the actual history of the place it originated from) is no reason to poo-poo it.

              Same goes for Hawaiian shirts…

              • Philip says:

                So many think everything follows an “if x, then y” sequence. Context and nuance have been lost in the arena of modern discourse.

                I just like cool looking camos, I don’t have time for political debates associated with them.

              • Dom Hyde says:

                The ‘oh no, white supremacist’ argument effectively falls flat in the face of Zimbabwean forces using the same pattern (albeit modified) today. If it works, it works.

      • Thuck Chunder says:

        Chucky, preaching to us from on high, about how his “superior” taste in camo gives him the “ability” to segregate the mil camo fans here, in front of the whole world….is sheer irony in the face of what this site is actually meant for.

        A place for us to hang out and see what’s going on in multiple industries.

    • Ipkiss says:

      The NFP market is slowly coming alive

  4. Capt Jake says:

    This post is one of the reasons I keep coming back to SSD. It is informative, the photos are descriptive, and together they reflect both the dedication of the company to their products AND you to your online audience. BZ! and Thank you.