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USSF Rolls Out New Physical Training Uniform at BMT

The United States Space Force began the roll-out of its Physical Training Uniform March 8, when it was provided to the newest Basic Military Training Guardian trainees.

“This is more than a uniform rollout, this is the first finalized service-specific uniform that Guardians can wear with pride,” said Maj. Gen. Steven Whitney, Space Force Director of Staff.

The new uniform now includes performance features such as breathable, moisture-wicking shorts designed for running, and soft, quick-drying material to help curb sweat and odor. The uniforms will be available in both men’s and women’s sizes, rather than unisex, for a better fit.

Overcoming material shortages and supply chain delays stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the uniform development team diligently worked to design the Space Force PT uniform with Guardians in mind.

“From the word ‘go’ we have been committed to keeping Guardian feedback at the forefront of developing service-specific uniforms,” said Catherine Lovelady, Space Force change management team program analyst. “We are grateful to our partners at the Air Force Uniform Office who helped make this a reality for Guardians.”

The Space Force will celebrate its fifth anniversary Dec. 20, 2024; this rollout is significant as the youngest military service continues building its culture and identity.

“The Space Force is committed to making the Guardian experience something that our service members can be proud of,” said Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force John Bentivegna. “The uniform connects Guardians to each other and their service. It represents our spirit and our strength operating as one team.”

Uniform delivery to select AAFES locations will begin in the next several months at Peterson, Schriever, Buckley, Vandenberg, and Patrick Space Force Bases, Los Angeles Air Force Base, and the Pentagon.

Guardians will utilize the same wear instructions as the U.S. Air Force physical training uniform utilizing DAFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of United States Air Force and United States Space Force Personnel, until a standalone Space Force Instruction for Dress and Appearance is released later this year.

The PT uniform cost will be calculated into the Guardian uniform replacement allowance beginning April 2024. Guardians are encouraged to only purchase one set of the uniform as supplies will be limited as rollout begins.

Story courtesy of Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

U.S. Space Force photos by 2nd Lt Kate Anderson

2 Responses to “USSF Rolls Out New Physical Training Uniform at BMT”

  1. Dannymogas says:

    I want to know more about the sock standard. Looks like someone accidentally copied and pasted the sock standard from the 1981 Army 670-1.

  2. Ray Forest says:

    How do they offer two different inseam lengths on the shorts? The photo was clearly arranged to highlight that. I applaud it but how unmilitary to actually do that.