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Tactical Lightweight – Flexible Integrated Collapsible Container System for the JLTV

The TL-FICCS (NSN: 8145-01-562-9283 & OSHKOSH PN: 4069288) from Pikes Peak Cargo Secure is designed to work seamlessly with Oshkosh Defense’s JLTV.

This System is designed to carry up to 1,800 lbs. of cargo over any terrain and is rated at 4,000 lbs. floor storage. Each Kit contains four pallets, two collapsible sleeves, and eight HUM VATTS Ratchet Straps (NSN 8145-01-522-8341).

Kit includes Tactical Lightweight – Flexible Integrated Collapsible Container System (TL-FICCS) 48x40x30 inches. The usable area within the container is 21 inches in height or 37 cubic feet. The kit contains 2 containers. The kit collapses to 48x40x12 inches. It is ideal for the Military, DHS, or FEMA for short or long term storage and outside storage under adverse conditions. This Kit is a Lightweight, Deployable, and Reusable Collapsible System. It is weather-resistant 100% plastic. Each container with straps weighs 57.5 lbs. The kit has a total weight of 115 lbs. It was designed for use with the Patented VATTS® Straps and is stackable inside a standard-sized MILVAN (15 Kits of 30 containers) filling a MILVAN with no blocking or bracing required. This container can be placed in most of the “Intermodal” Containers. This Kit can be Sling Loaded with the proper VATTS Straps applied.

Link to Class IX parts from Pikes Peak Cargo Secure.

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