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NVGs On Ice! TNVC Partners with the Henderson Silver Knights 4/6/2024 – Teaser

Henderson, Nevada

You’ve seen NVGs in the desert, you’ve seen NVGs in the jungles, NVGs in helicopters, and NVGs in racecars. But have you ever seen… NVGs on skates?

TNVC, in conjunction with the Henderson Silver Knights (the Vegas Golden Knights affiliate) professional AHL hockey team, has just released a teaser for a one-of-a-kind event, as Team Captain Jake Bischoff and Forward Mason Morelli hit the rink… in complete darkness, pushing the limits of what you will believe is possible with NVGs. The full video will debut on Saturday, April 6th during the Silver Knight’s next home game as well as on both the Tactical Night Vision Company website as well as on YouTube and other social media outlets.

Working with TNVC Staff and using the same AN/PVS-31A and GPNVG Ground Panoramic Goggles issued to U.S. Special Operations, watch as these professional athletes perform an impressive array of skills and drillsand showcase the awesome capabilities of TNVC’s top-of-the-line products in ways you’ve never seen before!

Join us on April 6th for an unforgettable presentation of skill, agility, teamwork, and technology, presented by TNVC and the Henderson Silver Knights!

Founded in 2005, Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) is a Veteran-Owned small business which specializes in providing industry-leading visual augmentation systems, modified-COTS solutions, and systems integration as well as training, education, and life-cycle support to government and commercial customers alike.

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2 Responses to “NVGs On Ice! TNVC Partners with the Henderson Silver Knights 4/6/2024 – Teaser”

  1. Lolssi says:

    You can see it’s not intended for that. Their speed dropped couple of notches.

  2. With any and all tasks using NODS, speed must be dropped a couple of notches.