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Rotapoint Systems – Griptrap

It was great to see Rotapoint Systems in the vendor tent at last week’s USASOC Sniper Competition. In addition to their Watch Caps which piggyback MRDS on to variable power optics, they showed me their new Griptrap which is an ergonomically enhanced MLOK hand stop.

As you can see from this composite image, the Griptrap is designed to support your natural grip rather than forcing you to contort your hand on the handguard.

Another thing I like about this simple design is that it can’t be used to either keep you from dangling your appendages too close to the barrel or, as I prefer, to allow me to pull the rifle back in to my shoulder. What’s more, it’s as effective under the barrel as at the 3 or 9 o’clock position.

Finally, there are three variants, based on user preference.

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  1. The Rotapoint Systems – Griptrap handstop. In the world of tactical shooting and working in close environments, smaller is better, especially at the forend. I’ve worked in a few low-profile/clandestine groups that run rifles in vehicles next to them in the seam between the seat and center console that would benefit from this handstop. From a firing position standpoint, this handstop maintains the original circumference of the handguard while providing leverage to maintain rearward pressure towards your shoulder for proper shoulder to buttstock connection, that helps to manage recoil and ensures a steady position. This is even more important if operating in a tactical environment when wearing gloves, or additional accessories are mounted on the forend, such as gun-lights, IR illuminator and the remote tape switches or buttons that come with them. This style of handstop can also aid recreational and competitive shooters by the minimalistic characteristics and affordability of this accessory.

  2. Carlos Raff says:

    I have had success using it as a “barricade stop” at the 6:00 on my long guns. I have used it to get a solid purchase on a window sill and railing. You can really lean into the rifle, tightening the wobble seen on target. Super handy when you’re in a tighter space or forgot to bring your support bag at home.

    I’ve also used it at the 9:00 position on my long guns to gain leverage with my support had when shooting off a support bag. It allows me to pinch my bag against the grip to reduce wobble. Super handy tool without adding the weight or bulk of a “wing” style platform on your rail.

  3. Rotapoint Systems says:

    Always great to see SolSys!

    Specs for those who are curious-
    1” tall when mounted
    Knurled engagement surfaces
    1 oz with Magpul-supplied hardware
    Uses 1 M-LOK slot
    Machined 6061T6 with Type III hardcoat anodize
    Made in USA
    Patent pending

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