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USSOCOM Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) – Digital Projection Close Quarters Sight (DP-CQS)

This upcoming USSOCOM Small Business Innovation Research topic is pretty exciting.

The objective of Digital Projection Close Quarters Sight (DP-CQS) is to develop applied research toward an innovative solution that will provide a compact, close-quarters sight that has multiple user-selectable and user-configurable ballistic reticles, while eliminating mechanical adjustors to improve system stability under thermal and mechanical shock by utilizing a digital screen projected onto a transparent surface for the user to look/aim through.

On 01 April, SOFWERX will host a virtual Q&A session for the DP-CQS area of interest. Soon after, on 10 April 2024 12:00 PM ET (Noon), submissions will open.

As a part of this feasibility study, the proposers shall address all viable overall system design options with respective specifications to innovatively design a 1x (non-magnified) direct view optic that projects a digital screen/reticle onto a transparent surface for the operator to look/aim through. The DP-CQS shall allow the user to configure and store at least 3 different digital reticle configurations with different types of ballistic features and shall include the ability for the center dot/aim point to be brighter than other displayed features. The DP-CQS shall have no mechanical boresight adjustors and shall be designed as a sealed optical system with low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) with a 72-hour continuous battery run time, utilizing no more than 1x CR123 or L91 battery. The DP- CQS shall communicate with external devices to receive range/ballistic data, and user configured/updated reticles. The feasibility study should consider technologies to eliminate scattering of light to provide a sharp edge to all reticle features, while also minimizing unwanted color shift of the direct-view scene. The DP-CQS shall mount to a MIL-STD 1913 Rail.

Visit events.sofwerx.org/sbir24-4r5 to sign up and answer any questions.

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