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Tactical Tuesday: Vertx Bag & Pack DNA

Built for every adventure, every mission, and every day – Vertx’s Next Gen Bags are your go-to gear for those who demand ultimate functionality and customization.

No more rummaging around for your essentials – their superior organization system ensures everything has its place. Plus, with quick-access CCW compartments, you can be prepared for any situation. They have 9 distinct styles to choose from – regardless of the bag you opt for, each one proudly carries their unique Bag & Pack DNA.

1. Hydration Bladder Attachment and Pass-Throughs
2. Full Loop Panels for Customization
3. Light Colored Interior for Higher Visibility
4. Abrasion Resistant Zippered Mesh Pockets
5. Tactigami™ MAP Admin Double
6. Laser-Cut MOLLE Webbing
7. Rapid Access Tab to Concealed Carry Compartment
8. Ballistic Panel Compatible
9. Luggage Pass-Through and Shield Carry Access
10. Adjustable Shoulder and Waist Strap(s)
Stay ahead of what’s next and check out the Vertx line of Next Gen bags and packs.

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