Ocean State Innovations and Propex Furnishing Solutions Unveil CURV Tactical: A Game-Changer in Tactical Gear

Ocean State Innovations (OSI) has teamed up with Propex Furnishing Solutions to introduce CURV® Tactical, a groundbreaking addition to the world of tactical gear.  Available in .5mm, .7mm, .9mm, and 1.4mm thicknesses, CURV® Tactical features a matte black finish and boasts superior lamination through Propex’s proprietary manufacturing process.

What sets CURV® Tactical apart is its exceptional versatility. It can be sewn through, laser cut, and thermoformed, offering users unmatched customization options. Despite its lightweight structure, CURV® Tactical is incredibly durable, making ideal for the rigors of military and law enforcement operations.

“This collaboration represents a fusion of advanced materials and manufacturing expertise” said Geoff Senko from OSI.  “CURV® Tactical delivers superior performance and versatility, empowering professionals to excel in their missions.”

Notably, CURV® Tactical is also remarkably cost-effective compared to industry standards, ensuring that agencies can equip their personnel with high-quality gear without exceeding budget constraints.

The partnership between OSI and Propex underscores a commitment to innovation and excellence.  As military and law enforcement agencies worldwide seek cutting-edge solutions, CURV®  Tactical stands ready to meet -and exceed- their expectations, setting a new standard for tactical gear.


Geoff Senko, SVP of Sales


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