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Inroducing the MX042 Plate Carrier from Lindnerhof Taktik



Lindnerhof, a renowned name in tactical solutions, proudly presents its latest innovation: the MX042 Plate Carrier, a versatile tactical gear designed to meet diverse needs.

Innovative Material and Design

The MX042 Plate Carrier serves as the MX version of the popular LT042/Il model. It features a specially developed MX laminate as its primary material, replacing the traditional Cordura fabric. Additionally, the plate carrier incorporates laser-cut MOLLE slots to minimise water absorption.

Enhanced Comfort and Functionality

The shoulder straps and 3-row skeletonised hip belt of the MX042 offer unparalleled comfort and functionality. They can be easily adjusted even while worn, thanks to the intuitive design featuring hook and loop areas, elastic cords, and cord stoppers. Additionally, the MX042 boasts an intelligent cable management system, ensuring cables and drinking tubes are neatly organised and out of the way. Furthermore, the plate carrier comes with suitable straps for attaching various ballistic plates, enhancing its versatility.

Customisation Options

Designed to meet the diverse needs of military and law enforcement professionals, the MX042 is fully MOLLE/PALS compatible. Its extensive loop surfaces on both the front and back facilitate seamless customisation, allowing users to attach various equipment, including admin pouches, magazine pouches, and radio holders.

Explore essential gear for police special units with a focus on the MX042 plate carrier.

Effortless Wear and Rapid Deployment

Featuring Lindnerhof’s patented ‘Hakenschnalle’ for seamless entry and exit, the MX042 plate carrier offers unparalleled ease of use. With its quick-release option, users can don the carrier from the side without the need to lift it over their head, providing added convenience and space for shoulder pads. The patented hook buckle on the shoulder and waist straps ensures swift detachment within seconds, whether in response to an injury, immersion in water, or changes in operational requirements. A simple pull in any direction is all it takes to release or reattach the carrier, making it ideal for rapid deployment scenarios.

Watch the video to see Lindnerhof’s unique multi-directional quick-release buckle in action.

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