Q30 and Best Ranger Competition Announce Continued Partnership to Help Safeguard Army Rangers with Q-Collars

NORWALK, CT (April 9, 2024) – Q30 Innovations, the creator of the Q-Collar, proudly announces its continued partnership with the 2024 Best Ranger Competition. Taking place at Fort Moore in Georgia and celebrating its 40th anniversary, this historic event will showcase the world’s greatest soldiers outfitted in Q-Collars, the FDA-cleared device aimed at reducing the risk and severity of traumatic brain injury during high-impact activities.

The Best Ranger Competition is renowned for its rigorous challenges, demanding peak physical and mental performance from all competitors. Q30 aims to positively impact the well-being of every elite soldier taking part in this historic tradition and on the battlefield. This year, Andrew Beck, Houston Texans Fullback, Q-Collar athlete and son of Major General Christopher Beck, will join the Q30 team onsite to assist in equipping all Army Rangers with a Q-Collar and an all-new Best Ranger Competition Q-Collar sleeve during the event.

“We are honored to continue to stand alongside The Best Ranger Competition and our U.S. Army Rangers,” said Q30’s Co-CEO, Tom Hoey. “We hope to help mitigate the risks of brain injuries that occur during military activity and positively impact the overall health of our American soldiers for years to come with our proven and patented device. By backing our nation’s defenders and this historic event, we aim to advance brain health awareness and ensure the continued safety of our brave men and women.”

Close to 500,000 U.S. service members have been diagnosed with brain injuries since 2000, typically a result of head impacts and blast waves. Through these specific military scenarios, rapid acceleration and deceleration movements of the brain can occur, often referred to as “brain slosh.” To showcase the Q-Collar’s efficacy in mitigating these effects, participants in the Best Ranger Competition will receive firsthand experience of the critical protection it provides.

The Best Ranger Competition is held on Fort Moore and is open to the public. For more information call 706-718-9520 or visit

More information on the product, research and how to purchase the Q-Collar can be found at

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