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Revolutionizing Helmet Protection: Send Nods Introduces AirPads, an Innovative Ballistic Helmet Pad System

Send Nods Nightvision a pioneering leader in defense industry innovation, proudly announces the launch of AirPads, a groundbreaking ballistic helmet pad system engineered to set new standards in head protection technology.

Inspired by the advanced 3D printed padding utilized in American sports helmets, entrepreneur Tim Pausch recognized an opportunity to adapt this cutting-edge technology for combat helmets. After a year of meticulous development, Send Gear Group unveils AirPads, a revolutionary solution designed to address the unique challenges faced by military and law enforcement personnel.

The AirPads system consists of nine individual lattice pads meticulously crafted using additive manufacturing technology. Unlike traditional foam pads, AirPads are engineered to withstand and dissipate the diverse forces encountered in combat scenarios. This innovative design ensures optimal shock absorption, stability, and comfort, even under the most demanding conditions.

“We started developing it and it took about a year to perfect because ballistic and bump trauma is completely different from sports impact,” says Tim Pausch, founder of Send Gear Group. “So our lattice structure padding needed to withstand and dissipate other types of forces.”

Tested rigorously to meet the highest industry standards, AirPads have undergone extensive trials based on VPAM 6, 7, and 9, as well as the NIJ test Protocol . The results speak for themselves – AirPads not only reduce back face deformation but also minimize trauma to the head to nearly zero. Field tests conducted with professionals ranging from police officers to special forces personnel have demonstrated the unparalleled effectiveness of AirPads in real-world scenarios.

Central to the success of AirPads is the innovative Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) process utilized in their manufacturing. This advanced additive manufacturing technique enables the creation of intricate lattice structures that are impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing methods. Coupled with proprietary materials such as EPU43, AirPads offer unmatched performance and durability, surpassing conventional foam padding in both technical specifications and comfort.

“The Additive Manufacturing Process DLS from Carbon allows us to create unique lattice structures that are not possible to manufacture in any other way,” explains Pausch. “The 2 component materials of Carbon use special mechanics and specifications which are not comparable to any other 3D print materials on the market.”

Designed to accommodate different head shapes and sizes while adapting to various mission requirements, AirPads represent a paradigm shift in helmet protection technology. With unmatched shock absorption, superior comfort, and temperature regulation, AirPads ensure comprehensive protection for those on the front lines of modern warfare.

For more information about AirPads and Send Nods Nightvision innovative defense solutions, visit www.send-nods.com

3 Responses to “Revolutionizing Helmet Protection: Send Nods Introduces AirPads, an Innovative Ballistic Helmet Pad System”

  1. Matt says:

    Looks like they took a nod from the ones that Hard Head Veterans has been selling for several years now.


    • Send Nods says:

      Hey Matt, thanks for that comment – of course we both use the same 3d printing process from Carbon – the Digital Light synthesis.

      Difference with our system is that we’re there to adapt it in nearly every helmet with adjustable pads in different sizes. Also we’re not targeting the us market, we’re European. We don’t have any similar system available in Europe.

      Also we’ve a two zone system – one layer for comfort and one layer to reduce the ballistic impact. It’s a completely new development with our own requirements and of course with our own lattice.

      If you’ve any other questions feel free to contact us.

  2. Eric P. says:

    “Groundbreaking” while Hard Head Veterans launched these over 2 years ago… https://soldiersystems.net/2022/06/12/helmet-pads-from-hard-heads-micro-lattice-for-your-lid/

    I have the HHV ones, they use a two zone system as well. Nothing wrong with taking a “NOD” from another company, but let’s see the data. In what helmets were these tested, and what was the actual performance?

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