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Tactical Tuesday: New! VTAC Battle Belt Pouch Collection by Vertx

Designed to maximize your efficiency on the range or in the field, the new Vertx® + VTAC® Battle Belt Pouch Collection gives you the ability to customize your belt load out.

The collection includes the Single Pistol Pouch, Double Pistol Pouch, AR Pouch, Dump Pouch, and General Purpose/Med Pouch. Each pouch offers multiple belt attachment options, allowing compatibility with nearly any battle belt or gun belt of your choosing.

To ensure secure storage, all mag pouches in the collection offer multiple securing options. Choose from a rubberized interior for a minimalized option, a shock cord retention system, or a nylon flap secured with a loop system. Additionally, all mag pouches feature a single pull synch system, providing extra security for your gear.

The Dump Pouch and GP Pouch are specifically designed to give you the ability to customize your kit based on your needs.

Dive in and explore each piece of the Vertx® + VTAC® Battle Belt Pouch Collection to discover how you can optimize your load out. For more information, visit vertx.com.

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