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Mayman Aerospace Unveiling First Full-Scale Model of Razor P100 Military VTOL During SOF Week 2024

Ventura, Ca./ 23 April 2024 – Mayman Aerospace will unveil a full-scale model of Razor, its high-speed Air Utility Vehicle, during SOF Week 2024, May 6-10 in Tampa, Florida.

Razor is the name for the military variant of the dual-use, jet-powered, high-speed vertical take-off and landing (HS-VTOL) vehicle, from US-based manufacturer Mayman Aerospace. Derived from the Speeder design, the scalable Razor aircraft will be sized for payloads up to 1,000lb. Prototypes are already under construction for flight test in Q3 this year. The 100lb-payload Razor P100 is expected to fly first, and the 500lb-payload Razor P500 soon after. Mayman Aerospace will showcase a full-scale Razor P100 model during SOF Week 2024.

With more than US$120 million in LOI commitments from customers in Europe and Australia, plus US$3.25 million in US Department of Defense funding, Mayman Aerospace has been expanding its experienced engineering team while ramping up for flight testing.

Mayman Aerospace has also announced development of SkyField™, an AI-driven, autonomous Razor operating environment engineered for seamless integration into existing third-party battlefield management systems. SkyField will enable immediate, effective Razor operations alongside existing hardware and software systems, plus a simplified route to future capability development.

“We are excited to further define and develop Razor and the SkyField operating system as we work to bring the aircraft’s extensive capabilities to the warfighter. Razor is just the first step in creating the SkyField flight mesh. Alongside our Department of Defense colleagues, we are realizing the full capability unlocked by Razor’s unique design in combat scenarios, humanitarian and disaster relief operations, and training,” says David Mayman, CEO and founder of Mayman Aerospace.

Razor fulfills disparate missions in an era where real-world battlefield requirements are rapidly evolving. The need for combat mass through multiple, highly capable, low-cost, and attritable platforms is rapidly emerging. Razor’s low cost, jet speed, and VTOL versatility make it uniquely suitable for the next-generation battlespace.

Easily transported for mass launch in the field, from ships, or the air, Razor may be configured for contested logistics, armed with Hellfire or Brimstone missiles as a range extender for precision attack, flown as a low-cost cruise missile, or equipped with advanced sensors for ISTAR, electronic warfare, and the suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD). The aircraft will also be used as a high-speed, low-cost target drone, requiring no special launch infrastructure for air-to-air and air defense training.

Mayman Aerospace will be in the BlackHays Group booth #4802 in the JW Marriott Hotel Small Business Conference Room

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